Submissions and Events from 2018


100th Anniversary of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease Then and Now, Paula L. Kocher, J.D.; Gerardo Chowell-Puente, Ph.D.; Zain Farooqui, J.D., M.H.A.; and James J. Misrahi, J.D.


Addressing the Opioid Crisis, Abbe R. Gluck


Beyond Roe: Changes to the Supreme Court and Implications for Reproductive Health, Paul A. Lombardo, J.D., Ph.D.; Jerri Nims Rooker, J.D.; Eric J. Segall, J.D.; and Lauren Maclvor Thompson, Ph.D.


From Columbine to Parkland: How to Prevent Gun Violence in Our Schools, Glenn Brock, Chief Mark Sulborski, Peter Canfield, and Jerry Bruce


Tower to Trenches - Pain, Profits, Plaintiffs, Prisons: A Prescription for Addressing the Opioid Epidemic in Georgia, Patricia J. Zettler, Timothy Lytton, Thomas E. Griner, Bethany E. Sherrer, and Sidney Barrett


Women Inspire: Leslie Wolf on Genomic Data and the Law, Leslie E. Wolf J.D., M.P.H.

Submissions and Events from 2017


Achieving Health Equity, Camara P. Jones MD, MPH, Ph.D.


A Day in the Life: SHLA Attorney Panel, Payal Cramer, Keith Mauriello, Brian McEvoy, and Lynnette Rhodes


Bridging the Gap: Literacy, Law and Health, Daphne Greene and Iris Feinberg


From Coverage to Care: A Roadmap to Better Care for Adults with Low Health Literacy, Iris Feinberg, Ph.D.


Health Is a Human Right: Race and Place in America, Louise E. Shaw, MFA; David J. Spencer; and Leandris Liburd


Health Reform Update:Taking Stock of Efforts to Repeal and Replace ACA, Erin Fuse Brown, J.D., M.P.H.; William Custer, Ph.D.; and Melissa Haberlen, J.D., M.P.H.


Jones to Discuss How Neuroscience Intersects with Law at Oct. 10 Miller Lecture, Owen D. Jones


Keeping Kids in School: Housing, Health and Education, Courtney Anderson, J.D., LLM; Ayanna Jones-Lightsy, J.D.; Michael Lucas, J.D., M.S.W.; and Christal Reynolds, M.P.A.


Towers to Trenches: Litigation as a Gun Control Strategy, Timothy D. Lytton, Peter Canfield, and John Monroe


Towers to Trenches: The Future of the Affordable Health Care Act, A Legal Perspective, Russell Sullivan, Kirkland McGhee (J.D.'85), Charlotte Combre (J.D.'97), and Erin Fuse Brown

Submissions and Events from 2016


2016-17 Law Review Symposium: Quinlan at 40, Paul A. Lombardo, Dean Karampelas, Alan Meisel, and Thad Pope


2016-17 Law Review Symposium: Quinlan at 40 - Afternoon Session, Michele Goodwin, Mary Crossley, Marshall Kapp, and Sylvia Caley


2016-17 Law Review Symposium: Quinlan at 40 - Keynote, Margaret P. Battin


Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network Training on Asylum Seeker Interviews, Zainab A. Alwan


Human Rights In Children's Literature: A Book Event with Professor and Author Jonathan Todres, Jonathan Todres


Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Rights in a Technological Age: How Making Babies without Sex is Changing the World, Kim Mutcherson


Towers To Trenches: Full of Patients But Low on Cash: Managing Conflicts Between Health-Care Needs and Budget Woes, William H. Boling, Samantha R. Johnson, Samuel R. Maizel, and Jack F. Wiliams


Unique Issues That Arise In The Restructuring Of A Financially Distressed Healthcare Business, Sam R. Maizel


What I Wish I Learned in Law School, Greg Fosheim (J.D. '14), Barbara Rogers (J.D. '15), Nirvi Shah (J.D. '15), and Christian Dennis (J.D. '16)

Submissions and Events from 2015

And the Band Played On, James W. Curran M.D., M.P.H. and Harold W. Jaffe M.D.,M.A.

Doc Hollywood, Neil Shulman M.D.


Is the ACA Here to Stay? Two Perspectives on the Implications of King v. Burwell, Erin Fuse Brown and Eric J. Segall

It's a Small World After All: Law, Politics, and Immunization Policy, Ross D. Silverman J.D., M.P.H.

Manipulation, Autonomy, and the First Amendment, Micah Berman J.D.


Medical Marijuana in Georgia, Allen Peake, Sidney Barrett, and Shannon Cloud


Mindfulness, Scott Rogers

Misinformation and Measles: The Disneyland Outbreak, Public Health, and the Nature of Truth, Seth Mnookin


Olmstead Goes to School: How Georgia’s Segregation of Students with Behavioral Health Needs Violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, Jerri Katzerman, Emily Suski, Patrick Andriano, and Talley Wells

The Tobacco Control Act and the FDA's Tobacco Regulation: How Science Informs Policy, Micah Berman J.D.

Submissions and Events from 2014

Leveraging Cognitive Diversity, Temple Grandin Ph.D.

Parents Still Know Best: 35 Year After Parham v. J.R., Paul Lombardo, John Cromartie, and Phyllis Holmen


The Implication of Burwell v Hobby Lobby: Three Perspectives, Erin Fuse Brown J.D., M.P.H.; Anne Tucker J.D.; and Eric J. Segall J.D.

Submissions and Events from 2013

Disability Equity Measures: Collecting New Data to Address Disability Disparities in Health Care, Elizabeth Pendo J.D.

The Fate of the Health Care Industry after the Affordable Care Act: Where Does It Go from Here and Why, Samuel R. Maizel J.D.

The Implication of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Federal Trade Commission v. Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc., Randall Hughes J.D.; James F. Blumstein M.A., L.L.B.; Kevin E. Grady; and Toby G. Singer J.D.


The Nanny State? Public Views on Legal Interventions to Fight Obesity and Chronic Disease, Michelle M. Mello J.D., Ph.D.

Submissions and Events from 2012

Deconstructing the Myth that 20% of the Human Genome is Patented:Gene Patents and the Future of Whole Genome Sequencing, Christopher Holman Ph.D.

Healthcare Law Panel, Jason E. Bring, Samantha Johnson, and Marsha Hopkins

Medical Malpractice, Mediation, and Moral Hazard: The Virtues of Dodging the Data Bank, Haavi Morriem

Pandemics and Peace: Public Health Cooperation in Zones of Conflict, William J. Long

Stress Recognition: How to Maintain Your Humanity as a Law Student and a Lawyer, Evan Katz M.C., L.P.C.

The Impact of Conflict in Health Care and the Need for Conflict Competent Lawyers, Debra Gerardi J.D., M.P.H., R.N.

The State of Constitutional Law and Health Care after the Supreme Court Decision: A Panel SeriesPPACA and the Supreme Court Different Perspectives, Erin Fuse Brown J.D. and Eric Segall J.D.

The State of Constitutional Law and Health Care after the Supreme Court Decision: A Panel Series The Impact of the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Future of Medicaid, Temple Sellers J.D.; Sidney S. Welch J.D., M.P.H.; and Cindy Zeldin M.A.

Update: The Progress of Healthcare Delivery System Reform, Kim Roeder J.D.

Submissions and Events from 2011

Bioethics at the Movies: A Focus on Chronic Disability The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Melody Moore Jackson Ph.D.

Bioethics at the Movies: A Focus on Chronic Disability War-torn 1861-2010, Diane M. Janulis J.D., M.S.N.

Legislating Apology for Medical Errors: When Saying “Sorry” Isn’t Enough, Anna Mastroianni J.D., M.P.H.

Submissions and Events from 2010

Comparative Perspectives on Combating Human Trafficking, Jerri Nims Rooker, Dr. Andreas Scholenhardt, and Jonathan Todres

Healing Hospitals on the Brink of Bankruptcy, Jessica Gabel and Samuel R. Maizel

Health Care Reform, Randall Hughes J.D.; Steve Stranne M.D., J.D.; and Cindy Zeldin M.A.

The Interplay Between Race and Health: Racial Disparities in Infant HealthSession 1: Addressing the Crisis in Black Infant Mortality, Fleda Mask Jackson Ph.D. and Charity Scott J.D., M.S.C.M.

The Interplay Between Race and Health: Racial Disparities in Infant HealthSession 2: What Causes Racial Disparities in Very Pre-Term Birth?Personal & Biosocial Perspectives, Kim E. Anderson and Carol J. Rowland Hogue Ph.D., M.P.H.

The Interplay Between Race and Health: Racial Disparities in Infant HealthSession 3: Social Determinants of Health & Equity Addressing Root Causes of Health Disparities, Camara Phyllis Jones M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Submissions and Events from 2009

The 25th Anniversary of the Baby Doe Rules: Perspectives from the Fields of Law, Health Care, Ethics, and Disability Policy, Charity Scott J.D.; Leslie E. Wolf J.D., M.P.H.; Paul Root Wolpe Ph.D.; Burke J. Balch J.D.; Jatinder J. Bhatia M.D.; Mary Crossley J.D.; Loretta M. Kopelman Ph.D.; Thomas W. Mayo J.D.; Mark R. Mercurio M.D., M.A.; Sadath A. Sayeed M.D., J.D.; Anita Silvers Ph.D.; Robert D. Truog M.D.; Ellen Waldman J.D., LL.M.; William J. Winslade Ph.D.; and Kathy Kinlaw M.Div.

Submissions and Events from 2008

Good Intentions and Eugenics: Avoiding Genetic Genocide, Paul Steven Miller

Stem Cell Research: Understanding the Controversies, Senator David I. Adelman J.D., M.P.A.; Senator David J. Schafer; Roberta M. Berry J.D., Ph.D.; Cynthia B. Cohen Ph.D., J.D.; and William B. Hurlbut M.D.

The Role of Conscience in the Practice of Medicine, Farr A. Curlin M.D. and Martha S. Swartz J.D., M.S.S.

Submissions and Events from 2007

Convention on the Rights of the Child- National Briefing Day, Karen Baynes, Tom Rawlings, and Jonathan Todres

Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, Dr. Susan Bachrach

Offering Mental Health Treatment to Criminal Offenders Instead of Jail, The Honorable Winston P. Bethel

Submissions and Events from 2005

Creating Human-Nonhuman Chimeras: New Techniques, New Ethical and Legal Challenges, Roberta M. Berry J.D., Ph.D.; Cynthia B. Cohen Ph.D., J.D.; and Henry T. Greely J.D.

Perfecting People Through Biotechnology: The Implication of Human Enhancement for Society, Roberta M. Berry J.D., Ph.D; Maxwell J. Mehlman J.D.; and Ronald Bailey

The Life and Death of Terry Schiavo: Scientific, Religious, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives, Roberta M. Berry J.D., Ph.D.; Nicolas S. Krawiecki M.D.; Kathy Kinlaw M. Div.; and Charity Scott J.D.