Publications from 1995

Marriage and Children, Bernadette W. Hartfield

Conflict of Laws in Georgia, L. Lynn Hogue

Law in a Parallel Universe: Erie's Betrayal, Diversity Jurisdiction, Georgia Conflict of Laws Questions in Contracts Cases in the Eleventh Circuit, and Certification Reform, L. Lynn Hogue

Legal Research Exercises Following the Bluebook, Nancy P. Johnson and Lynn Foster

The ALI Principles of Corporate Governance Compared with Georgia Law, the Special Contribution, Marjorie F. Knowles and Colin Flannery

Trademark Protection for Color Per Se after Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Products Co.: Another Grey Area in the Law, Michael B. Landau

Personal Jurisdiction, E. R. Lanier

Venue, E. R. Lanier

An Argument for Limiting the Ability of Proxies to Consent to Participation in Medical Research for Incapacitated Patients, Paul A. Lombardo


Health Care Confidentiality: Current Virginia Law and a Proposal for Legislation, Paul A. Lombardo

Introduction to Clinical Ethics, Paul A. Lombardo

Mediation: On the Road to Peace and Justice in Nicaragua, Timothy D. Lytton

Rebuilding the American City: Bonds of Friendship as Bricks and Mortar, John Travis Marshall

Georgia Rules of Evidence, Paul S. Milich

Book Review, Professional Responsibility of the Criminal Lawyer , Ellen S. Podgor


Finding Our Voices, Teaching Our Truth: Reflections on Legal Pedagogy and Asian American Identity, Natsu Taylor Saito

1994 Update of Antitrust Developments in Health Care, Charity Scott

The First Amendment in a Justice Rehnquist World, Eric J. Segall

The Duty of a Bankruptcy Trustee to File Federal Information Returns on Behalf of a Debtor-Partnership, James I. Shepard and Jack F. Williams

Note, Hooters: Should There Be an Assumption of Risk Defense to Some Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Claims?, Kelly Cahill Timmons

Disclaiming an Inheritance as Fraudulent Transfer, Jack F. Williams

Introduction, Jack F. Williams

Rethinking Bankruptcy and Tax Policy, Jack F. Williams

The Federal Tax Consequences of Individual Debtor Chapter 11 Cases, Jack F. Williams

Commercial Arbitration in Olde England (602-1698), Douglas H. Yarn

Environmental Mediation: Great Promise, Some Problems, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1994

An Annotated Bibliography of State Legal Research Guides, Nancy J. Adams and Barbara G. James

Analysis of the Draft Constitution for the Republic of Tajikistan, William C. Banks and Charles A. Marvin

Servitudes, James L. Bross

The Law of Lender Liability, Mark E. Budnitz and Helen Davis Chaitman

The Law of Lender Liability, Mark E. Budnitz and Helen Davis Chaitman


Strategies for Environmental Justice: Rethinking CERCLA Medical Monitoring Lawsuits, Colin Crawford

Book Review, Plain Meaning and Hard Cases, Clark D. Cunningham

Learning From Law Students: A Socratic Approach to Law and Literature?, Clark D. Cunningham

The Dynamics of Homosocial Reproduction in Academic Institutions, Paul Dressel, Bernadette Weston Hartfield, and Ruby L. Gooley

Book Review, Modeling Legal Argument, William A. Edmundson

Book Review, Ronald Dworkin, William A. Edmundson

Comments on Coherence Theory in the Philosophy of Law, William A. Edmundson

Cases and Materials on Agency and Partnership and Other Forms of Business Associations, William A. Gregory and Thomas R. Hurst

Open Space Preservation: An Imperative for Quality Campus Environments, Janice C. Griffith

Use of Genetic Testing by Employers and Insurance Companies, Michael Landau

Connecting Defendant's Contact and Plaintiff's Claim: The Doctrine of Specific Jurisdiction and the Matrimonial Domicile Provisions of the Georgia Long-Arm Statute, E. R. Lanier

Book Review, AIDS Agenda: Emerging Issues in Civil Rights and AIDS Law Today: A New Guide for the Public, Paul A. Lombardo

Case Discussion: Comments from a Lawyer/Ethicist, Paul A. Lombardo

Legal Rights Medical Remedies, Paul A. Lombardo

Mediation in Nicaragua: Putting the Law to Work for People, Timothy D. Lytton

Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy Law and Practice, C. Richard McQueen and Jack F. Williams


Controversial Science in the Courtroom: Daubert and the Law's Hubris, Paul S. Milich

Corporate and White Collar Crime: Simplifying the Ambiguous, Ellen S. Podgor

Mail Fraud: Limiting the Limitless, Ellen S. Podgor

Antitrust Risks of Sharing Information in the Health-Care Industry, Charity Scott

Book Review, Standard of Care: The Law of American Bioethics, Charity Scott

Resisting the Temptation to Turn Medical Recommendations into Judicial Orders: A Reconsideration of Court-Ordered Surgery for Pregnant Women, Charity Scott

Justice Scalia, Critical Legal Studies, and the Rule of Law, Eric J. Segall

Applying the Freedom of Information Act in the Immigration Context, Eric J. Sinrod and Leslie E. Wolf


Process and Prediction: A Return to a Fuzzy Model of Pre-trial Detention, Jack F. Williams

The Fallacies of Contemporary Fraudulent Transfer Models as Applied to Intercorporate Guaranties: Fraudulent Transfer Law as a Fuzzy System, Jack F. Williams


The Tax Consequences of Abandonment under the Bankruptcy Code, Jack F. Williams

Book Review, Grand Theft and Petit Larceny: Property Rights in America, Patrick Wiseman

Cases and Materials on Discrimination on the Basis of Handicap: Selected Topics, Patrick Wiseman

Ethical Jurisprudence, Patrick Wiseman

Legal Education and Cynicism About the Law: Practicing Ethical Jurisprudence in the Classroom, Patrick Wiseman

Developing a Comprehensive Internal Dispute Resolution System, Douglas H. Yarn

Mediation, Douglas H. Yarn

Mediation/Arbitration, Douglas H. Yarn

Minitrials, Douglas H. Yarn

Negotiation, Douglas H. Yarn

Private Judges, Douglas H. Yarn

The Facility Issues Negotiation Process of the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act: An Evaluation with Recommendations, Douglas H. Yarn and Michael Elliot

Publications from 1993

Consumer Issues in Revised Articles 3 and 4 of the UCC, Mark E. Budnitz

Electronic Money in the 1990's: A Net Benefit or Merely a Trade-Off?, Mark E. Budnitz

Counseling and Representing Financially Distressed Businesses, Mark E. Budnitz and Gary Shapiro

Book Review, Sometimes You Can't Make a Dent, But They Know You've Been There: The Lawyer as God's Witness, Clark D. Cunningham

Love & Power: The Role of Religion & Morality in American Politics, William A. Edmundson

Rethinking Exclusionary Reasons: A Second Edition of Joseph Raz's Practical Reason and Norms, William A. Edmundson

Transparency and Indeterminacy in the Liberal Critique of Critical Legal Studies, William A. Edmundson


Spendthrift Trusts: It's Time to Codify the Compromise, Anne S. Emanuel

Securities Arbitration: A Need for Continued Reform, William A. Gregory and William J. Schneider

New York v. United States: Has the Tenth Amendment Been Resuscitated?, Janice C. Griffith

In Memoriam: Professor David J. Maleski, L. Lynn Hogue

Winning Research Skills, Nancy P. Johnson

Quick Review Sum & Substance Series: Real Property, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Florida Land Use and Growth Management Law, Julian C. Juergensmeyer and James Wadley

Multicellular Vertebrate Mammals as "Patentable Subject Matter" under 35 U.S.C.§ 101: Promotion of Science and the Useful Arts or an Open Invitation for Abuse?, Michael B. Landau

The Georgia Domestic Relations Long-Arm Statute: Any Questions?, E. R. Lanier

The Public Policy Defense to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Under the New York Convention, E. R. Lanier

Book Review, Smashing the Idols of Efficiency, Timothy D. Lytton

Foreword: Revolution, Participatory Democracy and Property: The Nicaraguan Property Regime After Sandinista Land Reform, Timothy D. Lytton


Responsibility for Human Suffering: Awareness, Participation, and the Frontiers of Tort Law, Timothy D. Lytton

By Invitation Only: The Proof of Welcomeness in Sexual Harassment Cases, Mary F. Radford

Federal Agency Developments: Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice, Charity Scott

Standing Between the Court and the Commentators: A Necessity Rationale for Public Actions, Eric J. Segall

Legal Ethics, Roy M. Sobelson

Classifying Pretrial Detention Decisions under the Bail Reform Act of 1984: A Statistical Approach, Jack F. Williams

Mini-Trials and Summary Jury Trials, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1992

The Hottest Issues in Bank Taxation, Ronald W. Blasi and Melbert E. Schwarz

Consumer Bankruptcy Developments, Mark E. Budnitz

The Revision of U.C.C. Articles Three and Four: A Process Which Excluded Consumer Protection Requires Federal Action, Mark E. Budnitz


Pinning Gulliver Down: An Environmental Case Study on the Place of Decentralized Power in Federal Administrative Law Doctrine, Colin Crawford

The Lawyer as Translator, Representation as Text: Towards an Ethnography of Legal Discourse, Clark D. Cunningham