Publications from 1998

Eugenics in the South: The Carrie Buck Case, Sally A. Webb, Mary Faith Marshall, and Paul A. Lombardo

Charitable Contributions as Fraudulent Transfers, Jack F. Williams


National Bankruptcy Review Commission Tax Recommendations: Notice, Jurisdiction, and Corporate Debtors, Jack F. Williams

Title VII and the Reserve Clause: A Statistical Analysis of Salary Discrimination in Major League Baseball, Jack F. Williams and Jack C. Chambless

The Virtual Teacher, Patrick Wiseman


Empowering and Protecting Patients: Lessons for Physician-Assisted Suicide from the African-American Experience, Leslie E. Wolf and Patricia A. King

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Practice and Procedure in North Carolina, Douglas H. Yarn

Does a Mediator Have an Affirmative Duty to Assure That Consent to Settle is Truly Informed? Response #3, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1997

How Financial Institutions Can Spin off a Business Segment Without Paying Tax, Ronald W. Blasi

Checking Account Protections, Mark E. Budnitz

Stored Value Cards and the Consumer: The Need for Regulation, Mark E. Budnitz

The FTC's Consumer Protection Program During the Miller Years: Lessons for Administrative Agency Structure and Operation, Mark E. Budnitz

Truth in Lending Finance Charges, Mark E. Budnitz

Beating the Prisoner at Prisoner's Dilemma: The Evidentiary Significance of a Witness's Refusal to Testify, Russell D. Covey

Book Review, and the Waters Turned to Blood, Colin Crawford

Book Review, Living Downstream, Colin Crawford

Book Review, Race, Crime, and the Law , Colin Crawford


Changing Positions and Entrenched Polemics: A Brief History of the Association to Benefit Children's Views on Pediatric HIV Testing, Counseling and Care, Colin Crawford

Reflections on the Infant HIV Testing Debate in New York, Colin Crawford


Rethinking Equality in the Global Society, Clark D. Cunningham

Book Review, Legal Rights: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives, William A. Edmundson

Analysis of the Draft Law on Ombudsmen for the Republic of Moldova, Richard W. Edwards Jr. and Charles A. Marvin

Book Review, Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: The Unconscious Meanings of Crime and Punishment, Anne S. Emanuel

New Medical Records Law, Jeanne Franklin, Paul Lombardo, and Susan Ward

Wrongful Discharge, Wendy F. Hensel and J. Cletus McGinty

Keycite: A Guide for Legal Research and Writing Instructors with Sample Exercises, Nancy P. Johnson


Researching Georgia Law (1998 Edition), Nancy P. Johnson and Nancy J. Adams

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations: A Search for the Right to Consul, Mark J. Kadish

The Drug Courier Profile: In Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; and Now in the Jury Box, Mark J. Kadish

Achieving Diversity in the Professoriate: Challenges and Opportunities, Marjorie F. Knowles and Bernard W. Harleston

Licensing Law Handbook: Motion Pictures, Television & Radio, Michael B. Landau

Problems Arising Out of the Use of "": The Application of Principles of Trademark Law to Internet Domain Name Disputes, Michael B. Landau

Book Review, The Black Stork: Eugenics and the Death of 'Defective' Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures Since 1915, Paul A. Lombardo

Kansas v. Hendricks & Civil Commitment of Sexual Predators: Bad Medicine, Bad Policy, Paul A. Lombardo

Eugenics at the Movies, Paul A. Lombardo

Introduction to Clinical Ethics, Paul A. Lombardo

New Virginia Medical Records Law Helps Physicians and Patients, Paul A. Lombardo

The Virginia Health Records Privacy Act of 1997, Paul A. Lombardo

The Virginia Patient Health Records Privacy Act of 1997, Paul A. Lombardo

Rules and Relationships: The Varieties of Wrongdoing in Tort Law, Timothy D. Lytton

Various Methods of Resolving Conflict, Timothy D. Lytton

Note, The Property Rights Movement and Historic Preservation in Florida: The Impact of the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Protection Act, John Travis Marshall

Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy Law and Practice, C. Richard McQueen and Jack F. Williams

Note, Encouraging Allocution at Capital Sentencing: A Proposal for Use Immunity, Caren Morrison

Parental Rights at the Birth of a Near-Viable Infant: Conflicting Perspectives, JoAnn Pinkerton and Paul A. Lombardo

Globalization and the Federal Prosecution of White Collar Crime, Ellen S. Podgor

Georgia's New Probate Code, Mary F. Radford and F. Skip Sugarman

Model Minority, Yellow Peril: Functions of Foreignness in the Constructions of Asian American Legal Identity, Natsu Taylor Saito

Symposium, Alien and Non-Alien Alike: Citizenship, "Foreignness," and Racial Hierarchy in American Law, Natsu Taylor Saito

Statistical Approach to Claims Estimation in Bankruptcy, David S. Salsburg and Jack F. Williams

Antitrust Developments in the Health-Care Industry, Charity Scott

The Easy Way Out, Charity Scott

Remnants of Belief: Contemporary Constitutional Issues, Eric J. Segall


A Father's Crusade: The Medical Murder of Ina Raja, Nirej S. Sekhon


Teaching an Old Law New Tricks: Rethinking Section 16, Ellen Taylor

A Comment on the Tax Provisions of the National Bankruptcy Review Commission Report: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Jack F. Williams


National Bankruptcy Review Commission Tax Recommendations: Individual Debtors, Discharge, and Priority of Claims, Jack F. Williams

Abrogating the Doctrine of Necessaries in Florida: The Future of Spousal Liability for Necessary Expenses after Connor v. Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center, Inc., Shawn M. Wilson

Exacting Public Beach Access: The Viability of Permit Conditions and Florida's State Beach Access Laws after Dolan v. City of Tigard, Shawn M. Wilson

Georgia Alternative Dispute Resolution: Practice And Procedure In Georgia, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1996

Analysis of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of Belarus with Alterations and Amendments, Robert H. Alsdorf

Suggestions for the National Bankruptcy Review Commission & Congress, John W. Ames and Jack F. Williams

Arbitration of Disputes Between Consumer and Financial Institutions: A Serious Threat to Consumer Protection, Mark E. Budnitz


Adventures in the Zone of Twilight: Separation of Powers and National Economic Security in the Mexican Bailout, Russell D. Covey

Analyzing Evidence of Environmental Justice: A Suggestion for Professor Been, Colin Crawford

An Argument for Universal Pediatric HIV Testing, Counseling and Treatment, Colin Crawford


Medical Monitoring and the Future of CERCLA: Reinvigorating the Superfund Laws Consequentialist Purpose, Colin Crawford

Should HIV Testing Be Required for All Pregnant Women?, Colin Crawford

Uproar at Dancing Rabbit Creek: Battling Over Race, Class and the Environment, Colin Crawford

Letter to Word Court, William A. Edmundson


The Antinomy of Coherence and Determinacy, William A. Edmundson

Judge Tuttle Honored by ACLU, Anne S. Emanuel

Lynching and the Law in Georgia Circa 1931: A Chapter in the Legal Career of Judge Elbert Tuttle, Anne S. Emanuel

Privatization and Decentralization Raise Novel Issues, Janice C. Griffith

Legal Recognition of the Value of Intergenerational Nurture: Grandparent Visitation Statutes in the Nineties, Bernadette W. Hartfield

Remembering My First Annual Meeting, Nancy P. Johnson

Winning Research Skills, Nancy P. Johnson

Legal Research Exercises Following the Bluebook, Nancy P. Johnson and Wes Cochran

Florida's Private Property Protection Act: Does It Inordinately Burden the Public Interest?, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Property: Quick Review Sum & Substance Series, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Sum & Substance Quick Review, Property, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Behind the Locked Door of an American Grand Jury: Its History, Its Secrecy, and Its Process, Mark J. Kadish

Age Discrimination and the Prima Facie Case: Supreme Court's Age Discrimination Decision Fails to Resolve Key Questions Arising under the ADEA, Steven J. Kaminshine

Court's Age Discrimination Decision Fails to Resolve Key Questions Arising under the ADEA, Steven J. Kaminshine

Does Title VII Protect Former Employees From Acts of Retaliation by Former Employers?, Steven J. Kaminshine

How to Define Who Qualifies as an Employee Within the Meaning of Title VII?, Steven J. Kaminshine

In the U.S. Supreme Court: Does Title VII Protect Former Employees from Acts of Retaliation by Former Employers?, Steven J. Kaminshine

In the U.S. Supreme Court: How to Define Who Qualifies as an 'Employer' Within the Meaning of Title VII, Steven J. Kaminshine


The ALI Principles of Corporate Governance Compared with Georgia Law - Continued, the Special Contribution, Marjorie F. Knowles and Colin Flannery

Reconciling Qualitex with Two Pesos: Ambiguity and Inconsistency From the Supreme Court, Michael B. Landau

Trademark Protection for Color after the Supreme Court's Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Products Co. Decision, Michael B. Landau

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing & the Arts: Agreements and the Law, Michael B. Landau and Alexander Lindey

Invisible Barriers in United States Law to the Recognition and Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitral Agreements and Awards: The American Law of Personal Jurisdiction in Application to Judicial Proceedings to Stay Litigation, to Compel Arbitration, and to Confirm Arbitral Awards, E. R. Lanier

Crime/Genetics Conference Rekindles Controversy over Genetic Determinism, Paul A. Lombardo


Genetic Confidentiality: What's the Big Secret?, Paul A. Lombardo

Medicine, Eugenics and the Supreme Court: From Coercive Sterilization to Reproductive Freedom, Paul A. Lombardo

The Newest Federal Privilege: Jaffee v. Redmond and the Protection of Psychotherapeutic Confidentiality, Paul A. Lombardo

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Timothy D. Lytton

Analysis of the 1996 Draft of the Constitution for Ukraine, Charles A. Marvin

New Directions in Legal Education in Bulgaria: The Balkans of the Legal Mind, Charles A. Marvin