Publications from 1999

New Faces on the IRB: Who Speaks for Subjects?, Paul A. Lombardo

Genetic Testing, Paul A. Lombardo and Stephen Trombley

Building Peace by Teaching Mediation: A New Model of Law and Development, Timothy D. Lytton

Promoviendo el estado de derecho y la cultura de paz en Guatemala y Nicaragua, Timothy D. Lytton

Analysis of the Draft Law on State Secrets of the Republic of Albania, Charles A. Marvin

Analysis of the Draft Law on the Periodical Press of the Czech Republic, Charles A. Marvin

Legal Resources for the Bench and Bar at UT's LaValley Law Library, Kristina L. Niedringhaus

Criminal Discovery of Jencks Witness Statements: Timing Makes a Difference, Ellen S. Podgor

Criminal Fraud, Ellen S. Podgor

Panel Discussion, Association of American Law Schools Panel on the International Criminal Court, Ellen S. Podgor

Using Federal Property Rights Law for Environmental Justice, Ellen S. Podgor

Foreword: Race and Criminal Justice, Ellen S. Podgor and Bernadette Hartfield

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Handbook for Georgia Probate Judges, Mary F. Radford

Judges' Media Manual, Mary F. Radford

Sex Discrimination in Employment, Mary F. Radford

The Transformation of Sex Discrimination Law and Theory, Mary F. Radford

Wills, Trusts and Administration of Estates, Mary F. Radford

Wills, Trusts and Administration of Estates (1998-1999 Developments), Mary F. Radford

Georgia Probate Court Bench Book, Mary F. Radford and Floyd E. Propst

The Anglo-Saxon Axe: An Introductory Study, Ryan Rowberry

The Battle Over Maldon: Byrthnoth's Ofermode, Ryan Rowberry


Critical Race Theory as International Human Rights Law, Natsu Taylor Saito


5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137, 175, Eric J. Segall


Note, A Birthright Rearticulated: The Politics of Bilingual Education, Nirej S. Sekhon

Legal Ethics, Roy M. Sobelson

Legal Ethics, Roy M. Sobelson

Prosecuting Sex Tour Operators in U.S. Courts in an Effort to Reduce the Sexual Exploitation of Children Globally, Jonathan Todres

Bankruptcy Implications of Member and Member-Manager Interests in Limited Liability Companies, Jack F. Williams

Distrust: The Rhetoric and Reality of Means-Testing, Jack F. Williams

All the Glitter Really Protect the Gold?, Jack F. Williams and Alexander A. Bove Jr.

Collision of Policy: Chapter 13 and Taxes, Jack F. Williams and Tamara Miles Ogier

Practicing Safer Research: Using the Law to Protect Sensitive Research Data, Leslie E. Wolf and Bernard Lo

What about the Ethics? [HIV Vaccine Trials], Leslie E. Wolf and Bernard Lo

Dictionary of Conflict Resolution, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1998

Analysis of the 1998 Draft Constitution for the Republic of Albania, Stanley Bach and Charles A. Marvin

Privacy Protection for Consumer Transactions in Electronic Commerce: Why Self-Regulation is Inadequate, Mark E. Budnitz

The Law of Lender Liability, Mark E. Budnitz, Helen Davis Chaitman, and Jessica D. Gabel

Book Review, The Enchanted Braid , Colin Crawford


Hearing Voices: Why the Academy Needs Clinical Scholarship, Clark D. Cunningham

Breaking the Silence: Using Notification Penalty and Other Notification Measures in Punitive Damage Cases, Andrea A. Curcio


Rule 412 Laid Bare: A Procedural Rule that Cannot Adequately Protect Sexual Harassment Plaintiffs from Embarrassing Exposure, Andrea A. Curcio

Book Review, Reasoning with Rules: An Essay on Legal Reasoning and Its Underlying Logic, William A. Edmundson

John Rawls' the Idea of Public Reason, William A. Edmundson

Legitimate Authority Without Political Obligation, William A. Edmundson

Letter to the Editors, Clinton & the Jones Case, William A. Edmundson

Liberating the Future From the Past? Liberating the Past From the Future?, Entered in the International Essay Prize Contest, Sponsored by Lettre International, Berlin, and Weimar 1999, European City of Culture, William A. Edmundson

Three Anarchical Fallacies: An Essay on Political Authority, William A. Edmundson


State Common-Law Choice-Of-Law Doctrine and Same-Sex "Marriage": How Will States Enforce the Public Policy Exception?, L. Lynn Hogue

Transferable Development Rights and Alternatives after Suitum, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Land Use Planning and Control Law, Julian C. Juergensmeyer and Thomas E. Roberts

Congress, the Court, and the Constitution, Neil J. Kinkopf

Of Devolution, Privatization, and Globalization: Separation of Powers Limits on Congressional Authority to Assign Power to Non-Federal Actors, Neil J. Kinkopf

Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet: Does World-Wide Volkswagen Ride on the Information Superhighway? (Part I), Michael Landau

Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet: Does World-Wide Volkswagen Ride on the Information Superhighway? (Part II), Michael Landau

Copyright, Sound Recordings, and Musical Compositions, Michael B. Landau

Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet: Does World Wide Volkswagen Ride on the Information Superhighway?, Michael B. Landau

Book Review, Medical Ethics in the Renaissance, Paul A. Lombardo


Virginia Supreme Court Endorses Medical Confidentiality Claim, Paul A. Lombardo

Halberstam v. Daniel and the Uncertain Future of Negligent Marketing Claims Against Firearms Manufacturers, Timothy D. Lytton

Re-Establishment of Bankruptcy Review of Oppressive Foreclosure Sales: The Interaction of Avoidance Powers as Applied to Creditors Bid-Ins, Basil Mattingly

Bankruptcy Crimes and Bankruptcy Practice, Tamara Ogier and Jack F. Williams

Mail Fraud: Redefining the Boundaries, Ellen S. Podgor

Criminal Cases and the Investigative Accountant, Ellen S. Podgor and Joel R. Podgor

Ode to Language, Ryan Rowberry

Crossing the Border: The Interdependence of Foreign Policy & Racial Justice in the United States, Natsu Taylor Saito

Justice Held Hostage: U.S. Disregard for International Law in the WWII Internment of Japanese Peruvians - a Case Study, Natsu Taylor Saito


A Century Lost: The End of the Originalism Debate, Eric J. Segall


Emerging Limitations on the Rights of the Child: the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and Its Early Case Law, Jonathan Todres

Eugenics in the South: The Carrie Buck Case, Sally A. Webb, Mary Faith Marshall, and Paul A. Lombardo

Charitable Contributions as Fraudulent Transfers, Jack F. Williams


National Bankruptcy Review Commission Tax Recommendations: Notice, Jurisdiction, and Corporate Debtors, Jack F. Williams

Title VII and the Reserve Clause: A Statistical Analysis of Salary Discrimination in Major League Baseball, Jack F. Williams and Jack C. Chambless

The Virtual Teacher, Patrick Wiseman


Empowering and Protecting Patients: Lessons for Physician-Assisted Suicide from the African-American Experience, Leslie E. Wolf and Patricia A. King

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Practice and Procedure in North Carolina, Douglas H. Yarn

Does a Mediator Have an Affirmative Duty to Assure That Consent to Settle is Truly Informed? Response #3, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1997

How Financial Institutions Can Spin off a Business Segment Without Paying Tax, Ronald W. Blasi

Checking Account Protections, Mark E. Budnitz

Stored Value Cards and the Consumer: The Need for Regulation, Mark E. Budnitz

The FTC's Consumer Protection Program During the Miller Years: Lessons for Administrative Agency Structure and Operation, Mark E. Budnitz

Truth in Lending Finance Charges, Mark E. Budnitz

Beating the Prisoner at Prisoner's Dilemma: The Evidentiary Significance of a Witness's Refusal to Testify, Russell D. Covey

Book Review, and the Waters Turned to Blood, Colin Crawford

Book Review, Living Downstream, Colin Crawford

Book Review, Race, Crime, and the Law , Colin Crawford


Changing Positions and Entrenched Polemics: A Brief History of the Association to Benefit Children's Views on Pediatric HIV Testing, Counseling and Care, Colin Crawford

Reflections on the Infant HIV Testing Debate in New York, Colin Crawford


Rethinking Equality in the Global Society, Clark D. Cunningham

Book Review, Legal Rights: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives, William A. Edmundson

Analysis of the Draft Law on Ombudsmen for the Republic of Moldova, Richard W. Edwards Jr. and Charles A. Marvin

Book Review, Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: The Unconscious Meanings of Crime and Punishment, Anne S. Emanuel

New Medical Records Law, Jeanne Franklin, Paul Lombardo, and Susan Ward

Wrongful Discharge, Wendy F. Hensel and J. Cletus McGinty

Keycite: A Guide for Legal Research and Writing Instructors with Sample Exercises, Nancy P. Johnson


Researching Georgia Law (1998 Edition), Nancy P. Johnson and Nancy J. Adams

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations: A Search for the Right to Consul, Mark J. Kadish

The Drug Courier Profile: In Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; and Now in the Jury Box, Mark J. Kadish

Achieving Diversity in the Professoriate: Challenges and Opportunities, Marjorie F. Knowles and Bernard W. Harleston

Licensing Law Handbook: Motion Pictures, Television & Radio, Michael B. Landau