Publications from 2001

Respect, Responsibility, and the Virtue of Introspection: An Essay on Professionalism in the Law School Environment, Barry Sullivan and Ellen S. Podgor


Student Scholarship, In One Place, But Not Another: When the Law Encourages Breastfeeding in Public While Simultaneously Discouraging It at Work, Emily F. Suski


Tortious Interference and the Law of Contract: The Case for Specific Performance Revisited, Deepa Varadarajan

The Insured's Duty to Read the Policy, Harold Weston

Educator's Liability Insurance, Harold A. Weston

Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance, Harold A. Weston

Bifurcation for Claim Filing Purposes of a Corporate Tax Year that Straddles the Petition Date, Jack F. Williams

Debunking the Myth Engulfing Article 9 Collateral Dispositions, Jack F. Williams

Integrating American Indian Law Into the Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Curriculum, Jack F. Williams

Means-Testing Primer, Jack F. Williams

Ruminating on the Proposed Bankruptcy Bill, Jack F. Williams

Significant Business Bankruptcy Provisions in Pending Legislation, Jack F. Williams

Valuation Tenets in Bankruptcy, Jack F. Williams


When Parents Reject Interventions to Reduce Postnatal Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission, Leslie E. Wolf


Ethical Dimensions of HIV Treatment and Research, Leslie E. Wolf and Bernard Lo

Ethics 2000: The ABA Proposes New Ethics Rules for Lawyer-Neutrals and Attorneys in ADR, Douglas H. Yarn

Lawyer Ethics in ADR and the Recommendations of Ethics 2000 to Revise the Model Rules of Professional Conduct: Considerations for Adoption and State Application, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 2000

Smart Growth in Georgia: Micro-Smart and Macro-Stupid, James L. Bross

Consumer ADR in the Borderless Online Marketplace, Mark E. Budnitz

Consumer Privacy in Electronic Commerce: As the Millennium Approached, Minnesota Attacked, Regulators Refrained, and Congress Compromised, Mark E. Budnitz

Consumers Surfing for Sales in Cyberspace: What Constitutes Acceptance and What Legal Terms and Conditions Bind the Consumer?, Mark E. Budnitz

Developments in Consumer Arbitration Case Law: 1997 - April 2000, Mark E. Budnitz

Privacy Rules: Areas of Concern and Controversy, Mark E. Budnitz

The Truth About the New Value Exception to Bankruptcy's Absolute Priority Rule, David Gray Carlson and Jack F. Williams

A School Born Out of the Dumps, Colin Crawford

Business Volunteers Renew Their Efforts to Help San Diego Agencies Curb Costs, Colin Crawford

Criminal Penalties for Creating a Toxic Environment: Mens Rea, Environmental Criminal Liability Standards, and the Neurotoxicity Hypothesis, Colin Crawford

Low-Tech Waste Plan Wins Fans -- and Raises a Stink, Colin Crawford

Networks Look to Help Charities Link with Giving Entrepreneurs, Colin Crawford

San Diego Farming Finds It Can Thrive Without Beach Front, Colin Crawford

Courtroom Visits as a Way to Learn Evidence, Andrea A. Curcio

Price Waterhouse: Alive and Well Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, H. Lane Dennard Jr. and Kendall Kerew

2000 Federal Tax Update, Samuel A. Donaldson

An Introduction to Federal Wealth Transfer Tax, Samuel A. Donaldson

Effective Uses of "Defective" Grantor Trusts, Samuel A. Donaldson

Pre-Death Planning Opportunities for Taxable Estates, Samuel A. Donaldson

Succession and Estate Planning for the Small Business and Owner, Samuel A. Donaldson

The Best Arrow in the Quiver: Qualified Personal Residence Trusts in Contemporary Estate Planning, Samuel A. Donaldson

UB's Women in Law: Overcoming Barriers During Their First Hundred Years, Marjorie L. Girth

Judicial Funding and Taxation Mandates: Will Missouri v. Jenkins Survive under the New Federalism Restraints, Janice C. Griffith

The Preservation of Community Green Space: Is Georgia Ready to Combat Sprawl with Smart Growth, Janice C. Griffith

Winning Research Skills, Nancy P. Johnson

Sum & Substance Quick Review, Property, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Symposium Dialogue: Guns and Liability in America, David Kairys, Andrew J. McClurg, Timothy D. Lytton, John R. Lott, Anne Giddings Kimball, Robert R. Simpson, Jerry J. Phillips, Carl T. Bogus, Anthony J. Sebok, and Jeremy G. Zimmermann

Kennedy, Countryman, & Williams, Partnerships, Limited Liability Entities, and S Corporations in Bankruptcy, Frank R. Kennedy and Jack F. Williams

Book Review, The Progressive Dilemma, Neil J. Kinkopf

Foreword: The Constitution under Clinton, Neil J. Kinkopf

The Constitution under Clinton: A Critical Assessment, Neil J. Kinkopf


The Scope of 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors' after the Impeachment of President Clinton, Neil J. Kinkopf

It's Yours, It's Mine, It's Ours?: Problems with Recent Determinations of Joint Work, Michael B. Landau

Ownership Issues in Copyright Law, Michael B. Landau

"Publication," Musical Compositions, and the Copyright Act of 1909: Still Crazy After All These Years, Michael B. Landau


"Statutory Damages" in Copyright Law and the Case, Michael B. Landau

The Importance of Obtaining "Electronic Publishing Rights", Michael B. Landau

Trademark Law and Hi-Tech Product Design, Michael B. Landau

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing & the Arts: Agreements and the Law, Michael B. Landau and Alexander Lindey

Conflict-of-Interest Policies for Investigators in Clinical Trials, Bernard Lo, Leslie E. Wolf, and Abiona Berkeley

Ethical Issues in Early Detection of HIV Infection to Reduce Vertical Transmission, Bernard Lo, Leslie E. Wolf, and Sohini Sengupta

Eugenic Laws Against Race Mixing, Paul A. Lombardo

Eugenic Laws Restricting Immigration, Paul A. Lombardo

Eugenic Sterilization Laws, Paul A. Lombardo

Medicine, Eugenics and the Supreme Court: From Coercive Sterilization to Reproductive Freedom, Paul A. Lombardo

Substance Abuse Treatment Records: A Special Corner of Medical Privacy, Paul A. Lombardo


Lawsuits Against the Gun Industry: A Comparative Institutional Analysis, Timothy D. Lytton


Tort Claims Against Gun Manufacturers for Crime-Related Injuries: Defining a Suitable Role for the Tort System in Regulating the Firearms Industry, Timothy D. Lytton

Forum over Substance: Order from Chaos in Regulatory Takings Jurisprudence, Basil Mattingly

Brief for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, et al. Amici Curiae for Petitioner, Ellen S. Podgor

Brief for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, et al. as Amici Curiae for Respondents, Ellen S. Podgor

Brief for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, et al. as Amici Curiae for Respondents, Ellen S. Podgor


The Ethics and Professionalism of Prosecutors in Discretionary Decisions, Ellen S. Podgor

International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, Ellen S. Podgor and Edward Wise

An Introduction to the Uses of Mediation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution in Probate, Trust, & Guardianship Matters, Mary F. Radford

Redfearn: Wills and Administration in Georgia, Mary F. Radford

The Inheritance Rights of Women under Jewish and Islamic Law, Mary F. Radford

Wills, Trusts and Administration of Estates (1999-2000 Developments), Mary F. Radford

From Slavery and Seminoles to AIDS in South Africa: An Essay on Race and Property in International Law, Natsu Taylor Saito

The Symbolism and Substance of Redress and Reconstruction, Natsu Taylor Saito

Facilitating Collusion: The Problem of Spillover Effects and Avoiding Facilitation of Collusion in Pre-Joint Venture Negotiations, Charity Scott

Is Too Much Privacy Bad for Your Health? An Introduction to the Law, Ethics, and HIPAA Rule on Medical Privacy, Charity Scott

Why Law Pervades Medicine: An Essay on Ethics in Health Care, Charity Scott

Book Review, The Black Holes of Constitutional Law, Eric J. Segall

Can Research Subjects of Clinical Trials in Developing Countries Sue Physician-Investigators for Human Rights Violations?, Jonathan Todres

Lessons from the Trade Arena: A Proposal to Change U.S. Immigration Law for the Benefit of U.S. Workers, Jonathan Todres

The International Community's "Duty", rather than "Right", to Intervene, Jonathan Todres


A Gentle Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Jeffrey L. Vagle

Avoiding an Errors and Omissions Claim, Harold Weston

Foreword: Law and the Internet: A Symposium for the New Millennium, Patrick Wiseman


Law and the Internet: A Symposium for a New Millennium, Patrick Wiseman

Ethics and Clinical Research: An Issue for All Internists, Leslie E. Wolf and Bernard Lo

Law, Love, and Reconciliation: Searching for Natural Conflict Resolution in Homo Sapiens, Douglas H. Yarn

The Attorney as Duelist's Friend: Lessons From the Code Duello, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1999

Analysis of the Draft Law on the People's Defender for the Republic of Bulgaria, Arni Pall Arnason and Charles A. Marvin

Analysis of the Draft Mass Media Law for the Republic of Kazakhstan, Greg Bailey and Charles A. Marvin

Recent Developments In Consumer Arbitration Case Law: 1997- Jan 1999, Mark E. Budnitz

Bankless East Palo Alto Finds Way to Lure Branch, Colin Crawford

Chapter 3: Other Civil Rights Titles [Fair Housing Act & Section 1982], Colin Crawford

Charities in Mexico Hope Border Firms Start Thinking Long, Colin Crawford

Stop the Locks Schlock -- Can Frank Gehry Do for Panama What He Did for Bilbao?, Colin Crawford

Using Federal Property Rights Law for Environmental Justice, Colin Crawford

Affirmative Action: India's Example, Clark D. Cunningham