Publications from 1989

Bank Taxation, Ronald W. Blasi

Core Deposit Amortization, Ronald W. Blasi

Banking Institutions, Ronald W. Blasi and C. James Judson

Legal Framework for Organ Donation and Transplantation, Sylvia B. Caley

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Marriage and Children, Bernadette W. Hartfield


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Legal Research Exercises Following the Bluebook, Nancy P. Johnson and Lynn Foster

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Workers' Compensation in Georgia, Steven J. Kaminshine

The Colorization of Black-and-White Motion Pictures: A Grey Area in the Law, Michael Landau

The Colorization of Black-and-White Motion Pictures: A Grey Area in the Law, Michael B. Landau

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Post-Yosties: The New Statutory Tort of Abusive Litigation, E. R. Lanier

Civil Trial Procedure, Paul S. Milich

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Professional Ethics, Social Morality: A Reply to Professor Hazard, Patrick Wiseman

When the End Justifies the Means: Understanding Takings Jurisprudence in a Legal System with Integrity, Patrick Wiseman

Publications from 1988

Columns, Ronald W. Blasi

The Banking Industry, Ronald W. Blasi


A Linguistic Analysis of the Meanings of "Search" in the Fourth Amendment: A Search for Common Sense, Clark D. Cunningham


Professional Responsibility, Clark D. Cunningham

The Concurrent Sentence Doctrine Dies a Quiet Death -- or are the Reports Greatly Exaggerated?, Anne S. Emanuel

Contributor, Marjorie L. Girth

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Evolution et Perspectives du Droit de l'Environnement aux Etats-Unis, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

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Criminal Misconduct: Ethical Rule Usage Leads to Regulation of the Legal Profession, Ellen S. Podgor


Wimberly and Beyond: Analyzing the Refusal to Award Unemployment Compensation to Women Who Terminate Prior Employment Due to Pregnancy, Mary F. Radford

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A New Look at an Old Section of the Securities Exchange Act, Charity Scott

Ethical Issues in Civil Trial Advocacy, Roy M. Sobelson

Lawyers, Clients and Assurances of Confidentiality: Lawyers Talking without Speaking, Clients Hearing Without Listening, Roy M. Sobelson


Deferring to the Judgment of Mental Health and Related Professionals in Striking the Constitutional Balance between Individual Liberty and the Interests of the State, Patrick Wiseman

First English's Regulatory Takings Analysis: Is Compensation for a Landowners Temporary Frustration of Economic Expectations Justified?, Patrick Wiseman

Successful Mediating, Douglas H. Yarn

Three Construction Mediations, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1987

Current Developments - Real Property, James L. Bross

Probate & Property, James L. Bross

Fees of Professionals and Expenses of Members Appointed to Official Committees in Chapter 11 Cases, Mark E. Budnitz

Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India: A Study in Light of the American Experience, Clark D. Cunningham

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The Federal Guarantee of Municipal Debt: Will Federalism Survive, Janice C. Griffith

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La Legislation Sur Les Pesticides Aux Etats-Unis, Julian C. Juergensmeyer and Robert Findley

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Bar Has a Duty to Provide Representation for the Poor, Roy M. Sobelson

Trust Account Rules for Georgia Lawyers, Roy M. Sobelson


A Regulatory Model for Genetic Testing in Employment, Jack F. Williams

Denial of Treatment to Handicapped Newborns: In Whose Interest?, Patrick Wiseman

Proposed Changes in the Arbitration Law of Georgia, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 1986

Supreme Court Provides Guideline for Taxing of Federal Securities by States, Ronald W. Blasi and C. James Judson

Judicial Review of Georgia Zoning: Cyclones and Doldrums in the Windmills of the Mind, James L. Bross, J. S. Altman, and P. Bolster

Tax Aspects of Divorce and Separation and the Innocent Spouse Rules, George J. Carey

The Campaign to Iodize Salt, Colin Crawford

Personal Bankruptcy Options in the United States, Marjorie L. Girth

San Francisco's Downtown Development Plan-Blueprint for the 1990s?, Janice C. Griffith and Joseph Z. Fleming

Regulating Business Activity by Means of the Substantive Due Process and Equal Protection Doctrines under the Georgia Constitution: An Analysis and a Proposal, L. Lynn Hogue

Legal Research Exercises Following the Bluebook, Nancy P. Johnson

Agriculture & the Environment: An International & Comparative Law Perspective - An Introduction, Julian C. Juergensmeyer


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Eugenics, Paul A. Lombardo

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Prosecutorial Vindictiveness - Indiana's Newest Criminal Defense, Ellen S. Podgor

Exclusion and Exemption in Bankruptcy of Debtor's Interests in ERISA-Qualified Retirement Plans, Mary F. Radford