Publications from 2013

The Unforgiven: "Excusable Neglect" No Refuge for the Lawless, Patricia A. Redmond and Jessica D. Gabel

Redressing Past Wrongs: Changing the Common Rule to Increase Minority Voices in Research, William C. Rencher and Leslie E. Wolf

Anchoring Memory in the Face of Disaster: Technology and Istanbul's Cultural Heritage Preservation Regime, Ryan Rowberry

Drinking From the Same Cup: Federal Reserved Water Rights and National Parks in the Eastern United States, Ryan Rowberry

Legal History Through Digital Sources, Ryan Rowberry

Racialized Internments and Constitutional Accountability, Natsu T. Saito

ALL-SIS Legal Research Skills and Knowledge Roundtable: From the Academy to Practice (report), Deborah Schander

Book Review, Law and Society in Korea , Deborah Schander


Digital Signage: A New Tool in Your Arsenal of Knowledge, Deborah Schander

Building Global Health Team Excellence: Developing an Interprofessional Competency Domain, Charity Scott


Justice Thomas and Affirmative Action: Bad Faith, Confusion, or Both, Eric Segall


Same-Sex Marriage, Political Backlash and the Case for Going Slow, Eric Segall


Supreme Court Prayer Decision in Greece v. Galloway Should be Easy, Eric Segall


A Liberal Nightmare at the Supreme Court?, Eric J. Segall

Constitutional Change and the Supreme Court: The Article V Problem, Eric J. Segall


Equality, Eric J. Segall

Ideology and the Supreme Court: A Conversation with Judge Richard Posner and Professor Eric Segall, Eric J. Segall


Judge Posner and Judicial Humility, Eric J. Segall


Supreme Court Justices: The Case for Hanging It Up, Eric J. Segall


Supreme Flaws: Three Ways to Fix the Supreme Court, Eric J. Segall


The Prop. 8 Ruling, in Lay Person's Terms, Eric J. Segall


The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Why Now?, Eric J. Segall


The Week the Supreme Court Came Out of the Closet, Eric J. Segall


Complementarity and Post-Coloniality, Nirej S. Sekhon

Military Law in a Nutshell, Charles A. Shanor and L. Lynn Hogue

Market Evidence, Expert Opinion, and the Adjudicated Value of Distressed Businesses, Robert J. Stark, Jack F. Williams, and Anders J. Maxwell

Communicating in 140 Characters or Less: Congressional Adoption of Twitter in the 111th Congress, Jacob R. Straus, Matthew Eric Glassman, Colleen J. Shogan, and Susan Navarro Smelcer


A Public Health Approach to Human Trafficking, Jonathan Todres

Help Child Trafficking Victims Among Us, Jonathan Todres

Human Rights, Labor, and the Prevention of Human Trafficking: A Response to A Labor Paradigm for Human Trafficking, Jonathan Todres

Human Trafficking and the Private Sector: A Role for Corporate Counsel, Jonathan Todres

The Elephant in the Playroom: The U.S. Government's Role in Advancing Children's Rights, Jonathan Todres


A Person's a Person: Children's Rights in Children's Literature, Jonathan Todres and Sarah Higinbotham


Retirement Revolution: Unmitigated Risks in the Defined Contribution Society, Anne M. Tucker


Striking Over the Risks of Retirement Savings, Anne M. Tucker


The Outside Investor: Citizen Shareholders & Corporate Alienation, Anne M. Tucker


Has Katz Become Quaint? Use of Big Data to Outflank the Fourth Amendment, Jeffrey L. Vagle

If the Supreme Court Listens to Millennials, Same Sex Marriage Will Become Legal, Tanya M. Washington

Once Born, Twice Orphaned: Children's Constitutional Case Against Same-Sex Adoption Bans, Tanya M. Washington

Reflections on a Great Dissenter, Tanya M. Washington

An Alternative Story of the Law and Regulation of Risk Management, Robert F. Weber

Assisting Pro Se Patrons in a Non-Law Library, Austin Martin Williams


Cooking Lessons and Legal Research, Austin Martin Williams

Biobanking, Consent, and Certificates of Confidentiality: Does the ANPRM Muddy the Water?, Brett A. Williams and Leslie E. Wolf

The Archaeology of Professional Ethics in Bankruptcy (Part I), Jack F. Williams

What Constitutes a Tax Return for Bankruptcy Discharge Purposes?, Jack F. Williams

Book Review, Behind Closed Doors: IRBs and the Making of Ethical Research, Leslie E. Wolf

Major Developments in Stem Cell Research, Recent Developments in Health Care Law: Culture and Controversy, Leslie E. Wolf

To Disclose Hepatitis C Virus Infection or Not: Who Decides?, Leslie E. Wolf

Certificates of Confidentiality: Protecting Human Subject Research Data in Law and Practice, Leslie E. Wolf, Mayank J. Patel, Brett A. Williams Tarver, Jeffrey L. Austin, Lauren A. Dame, and Laura M. Beskow

Helping Veterans With Mental Illness Overcome Civil Legal Issues: Collaboration Between a Veterans Affairs Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center and a Nonprofit Legal Center, Catherine F. Wong, Jack Tsai, Anne Klee, Howard R. Udell, Laurie Harkness, and Margaret Middleton

Inconsistency in Antitrust, Ramsi A. Woodcock

Publications from 2012


Explaining Peripheral Labor: A Poultry Industry Case Study, Charlotte S. Alexander

Advancing Health Law & Social Justice in the Clinic, the Classroom and the Community, Emily A. Benfer, John J. Ammann, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, Liz Tobin Tyler, and Robert Pettignano


Institutional Review Boards' Use and Understanding of Certificates of Confidentiality, Laura M. Beskow and Leslie E. Wolf

A Model for Interdisciplinary Clinical Education: Medical and Legal Professionals Learning and Working Together to Promote Public Health, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, and Robert Pettignano


For Law Review Citations, Are All Citators Created Equal? A Comparison of Four Citators, Pamela C. Brannon

Crisis Management: Principles That Should Guide the Disposition of Federally Owned, Foreclosed Properties, Raymond Brescia, Elizabeth A. Kelly, and John Travis Marshall

A Novel Approach to Using LLCs for Quasi-Charitable Endeavors (A/K/A "Social Enterprise"), Cassady V. Brewer

Contributor, Cassady V. Brewer

Eliminate Stingy Benevolence, Cassady V. Brewer

Applying ASC 740-10 to Reporting by Tax-Exempt Organizations - Part 2, Cassady V. Brewer, Marc A. Azar, and Katherine D. Morris

University and Employees' Inventions in Europe and the United States, Niklas Bruun and Michael B. Landau

Mobile Financial Services: The Need for a Comprehensive Consumer Protection Law, Mark E. Budnitz


Message from the Chair, Margaret Butler

Research Instruction Patron Services Law Librarian Blog, Margaret Butler

SR-SIS Newsletter, Margaret Butler

Law Library Faculty Services Websites: Effectively Communicating Services Provided for Faculty, Meg Butler


Resource-Based Learning and Course Design: A Brief Theoretical Overview and Practical Suggestions, Meg Butler


Taking and Returning from a Leave of Absence: Tools and Tricks to Ease the Way, Meg Butler


Lift the Blackout, Erwin Chemerinsky and Eric J. Segall

Death in Prison: The Right Death Penalty Compromise, Russell D. Covey


Law School of the Future: Centre of Cutting-Edge Practice?, Clark Cunningham

Using Case Files to Test Student Learning, Andrea A. Curcio

Educating Culturally Sensible Lawyers: A Survey of Student Attitudes About the Role Culture Plays in the Lawyering Process, Andrea A. Curcio, Teresa M. Ward, and Nisha Dogra

Recent Developments - 2011, Samuel A. Donaldson

Recent Developments - 2012, Samuel A. Donaldson

Federal Income Tax: A Contemporary Approach, Samuel A. Donaldson and Donald B. Tobin


Law in the Neighborhood of Morality and Convention, W. A. Edmundson

An Introduction to Rights, William A. Edmundson

A Right to Do Wrong? Two Conceptions of Moral Rights, William A. Edmundson

Book Review, Justice for Hedgehogs, William A. Edmundson

Coercion, William A. Edmundson

Perry on Powers, William A. Edmundson

A Portrait of Courage, Anne S. Emanuel


CSI Las Vegas: Privacy, Policing, and Profiteering in Casino Structured Intelligence, Jessica D. Gabel

Redeeming the Genetic Groupon: Efficacy, Ethics, and Exploitation in Marketing DNA to the Masses, Jessica D. Gabel

The Collapse of Financial Fraud: Measuring Bankruptcy Avoidance Actions, Jessica D. Gabel, Isaac Asher, and Mary Beth Byington

Who is a "Transferee" Under Section 550(a) of the Bankruptcy Code?: The Divide Over Dominion, Control, and Good Faith in Applying the Mere Conduit Defense, Jessica D. Gabel and Paul R. Hage


Protecting Adolescents' Right to Seek Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Without Parental Consent: The Arizona Experience with Senate Bill 1309, Kimberly D. Goodwin and Erin C. Fuse Brown


Patents vs. Statutory Exclusivities in Biological Pharmaceuticals - Do We Really Need Both?, Yaniv Heled

Why Primary Patents Covering Biologics Should Be Unenforceable Against Generic Applicants Under the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, Yaniv Heled

The Legal Foundations of Special Education, Wendy F. Hensel and Colleen M. O'Rourke

Judicial Recusal at the Court, Sherrilyn A. Ifill and Eric J. Segall

Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories: A Bibliography of Government Documents, Periodical Articles and Books, 1st Congress-110th Congress, Nancy P. Johnson

State Documents Bibliography: Georgia, Nancy P. Johnson and Ronald E. Wheeler

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law, Julian C. Juergensmeyer, Thomas E. Roberts, Patricia E. Salkin, and Ryan Rowberry

New Technology, New Media, New Markets: The Continuing Importance of Contract and Copyright, Michael B. Landau

State Sovereign Immunity and Intellectual Property Revisited, Michael B. Landau

The Roles and Responsibilities of Physicians in Patients' Decisions About Unproven Stem Cell Therapies, Aaron D. Levine and Leslie E. Wolf