Publications from 2012

New Technology, New Media, New Markets: The Continuing Importance of Contract and Copyright, Michael B. Landau

State Sovereign Immunity and Intellectual Property Revisited, Michael B. Landau

The Roles and Responsibilities of Physicians in Patients' Decisions About Unproven Stem Cell Therapies, Aaron D. Levine and Leslie E. Wolf

Annotation: Past and Present of Eugenics, Paul A. Lombardo

Book Review, Examining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its Legacy, Paul A. Lombardo

Book Review, No Place for Dying: Hospitals and the Ideology of Rescue, Paul A. Lombardo

"Ethically Impossible": Investigating the PHS/Guatemala STD Scandal, Paul A. Lombardo


Ethically Impossible: New Educational Tools, Paul A. Lombardo

Preface, Paul A. Lombardo

Return of the Jukes: Eugenic Mythologies and Internet Evangelism, Paul A. Lombardo


Unintended Consequences: The Impact of the Court's Recent Cases on Structural Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims, Lauren Sudeall Lucas


The Supreme Court: The Best Reason to Vote Against Mitt Romney, Lisa McElroy and Eric J. Segall

Courtroom Handbook on Georgia Evidence, Paul S. Milich

Georgia Rules of Evidence, Paul S. Milich


Georgia's New Evidence Code - An Overview, Paul S. Milich

Foreword: Criminal Justice Responses to the Economic Crisis, Caren Morrison

Passwords, Profiles, and the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination: Facebook and the Fifth Amendment, Caren Morrison

The Drug Dealer, the Narc, and the Very Tiny Constable: Reflections on United States v. Jones, Caren Morrison

The TDR Handbook: Designing and Implementing Transfer of Development Rights Programs, Arthur C. Nelson and Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Ethics Considerations Related to Legal Research Practices: A Selective Annotated Bibliography, Kristina L. Niedringhaus

The Health Law Partnership: Adding a Lawyer to the Health Care Team Reduces System Costs and Improves Provider Satisfaction, Robert Pettignano, Sylvia B. Caley, and Susan McLaren

Wills, Trusts, Guardianships and Fiduciary Administration, Mary F. Radford

Irrevocability of Special Needs Trusts: The Tangled Web That is Woven When English Feudal Law is Imported into Modern Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility, Mary F. Radford and Clarissa Bryan

Arrested Development: Taking Rule 2004 Examinations of Criminal Defendants, Patricia A. Redmond and Jessica D. Gabel

Delaware Decision Revisits "an Interest of the Debtor in Property", Patricia A. Redmond and Jessica D. Gabel

"Lift Every Voice": Mari Matsuda's Jurisprudence of Antisubordination, Natsu Taylor Saito

Rebellious Lawyering in the Courts of the Conqueror: The Legacy of the Hirabayashi Coram Nobis Case, Natsu Taylor Saito


Empirical Evidence that Formative Assessments Improve Final Exams, Carol Springer Sargent and Andrea A. Curcio

Book Review, Publicity Rights and Image: Exploitation and Legal Control, Deborah Schander

Book Review, When International Law Works: Realistic Idealism After 9/11 and the Global Recession , Deborah Schander

Student Advisory Councils: Honing Your Outreach Efforts by Focusing on Your Audience, Deborah Schander


Collaborating with the Real World: Opportunities for Developing Skills and Values in Law Teaching, Charity Scott


An Ominous Silence on the Supreme Court, Eric J. Segall

Beware a Gay Rights Backlash, Eric J. Segall


Health Care, Immigration, and Voting: The Supreme Court and Judicial Power, Eric J. Segall


Judicial Humility and Affirmative Action, Eric J. Segall


Of Social Media and the Demise of Traditional Law Reviews, Eric J. Segall


Supreme Interference: The Justices' Improper and Dangerous Reading of the Second Amendment, Eric J. Segall

Supreme Myths: Why the Supreme Court Is Not a Court and Its Justices Are Not Judges, Eric J. Segall


Telling the Truth About the Filibuster: It Is Time to Put It on the Shelf, Eric J. Segall

Ten Fun Facts (and Morals) About the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court, Eric J. Segall

Ten Wild and Crazy Facts, a Few Opinions, and One Prediction About the Supreme Court, Eric J. Segall


The 10 Worst Things About Rep. Darrell Issa's Panel and the Contraception Debate, Eric J. Segall


The Hypocrisy of the Abortion Debate: Why Conservatives Should Vote Pro-Choice and Leave Planned Parenthood Alone, Eric J. Segall


The Scalia-Posner War and Why it Matters, Eric J. Segall

Umpires, the Affordable Care Act, and the Rule of Law, Eric J. Segall


What Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor" and Professional Wrestling Have in Common, Eric J. Segall

What President Obama Should Have Said About the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act, Eric J. Segall


Why Rick Santorum Is a Menace and a Libertarian's Worst Nightmare, Eric J. Segall


Health Care & Constitutional Chaos: Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold the Affordable Care Act, Eric J. Segall and Aaron E. Carroll


Gay Rights, Racial Prejudice, and True Equality, Eric J. Segall and Erwin Chemerinsky


Our Daughters' Future, Eric J. Segall and Erwin Chemerinsky

Assessing Public Health Strategies for Advancing Child Protection: Human Trafficking as a Case Study, Jonathan Todres

Is law enforcement alone enough to reduce human trafficking?, The Great Debate: Human Trafficking, Jonathan Todres

Maturity, Jonathan Todres

The Private Sectors Pivotal Role in Combating Human Trafficking, Jonathan Todres

Human Trafficking: A Global Problem with Local Impact, Jonathan Todres and Michael Baumrind

The Citizen Shareholder: Modernizing the Agency Paradigm to Reflect How and Why a Majority of Americans Invest in the Market, Anne M. Tucker

A Century of Service with the Red Cross, Margaret H. Vath

Drama, Crafts, & Fun with Georgia Shakespeare, Margaret H. Vath

How to Manage Conflict, Margaret H. Vath

We Are Mad About the Wrong Thing, Tanya M. Washington

What About the Children? Child-Centered Challenges to Same-Sex Marriage Bans, Tanya M. Washington

Structural Regulation as Antidote to Complexity Capture, Robert Weber


Government Relations: Rolling Up Our Sleeves, Austin Martin Williams

Liability of Officers, Directors, and Professionals of Insolvent and Near-Insolvent Corporations, Jack F. Williams

Reading the Bankruptcy Code (Part II), Jack F. Williams

Reading the Bankruptcy Code: United States v. Hall (Part I), Jack F. Williams

Public Financing of Green Cathedrals, Jack F. Williams, Jessica O'Quin, and Joshua Stein

Certificates of Confidentiality: Legal Counsels' Experiences With and Perspectives on Legal Demands for Research Data, Leslie E. Wolf, Lauren A. Dame, Mayank J. Patel, Brett A. Williams, Jeffrey A. Austin, and Laura M. Beskow

Publications from 2011

Getting Faith out of the Gutters: Resolving the Debate over Political Campaign Participation by Religious Organizations Through Fiscal Subsidiarity, W Edward Afield

Learning to Be Lawyers: Professional Identity and the Law School Curriculum, Charlotte S. Alexander

Yes We Can, Pass the Bar. University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law Bar Passage Initiatives and Bar Pass Rates - From the Titanic to the Queen Mary, Derek Alphran, Tanya Washington, and Vincent Eagan

Experiential Learning in Trusts and Estates Courses, Gerry W. Beyer and Mary F. Radford

Electing Tax Benefits in Leasing Transactions, Ronald W. Blasi

Proposed Regulations Perpetuate Income Distortion, Ronald W. Blasi


Section Sponsors Training for Public-Interest Litigators, Lisa R. Bliss


Colorado Denies Privilege for Guardian Ad Litem, Lisa Radtke Bliss


Manufacturer and Supplier Fail to Establish Joint Privilege, Lisa Radtke Bliss

An Interdisciplinary Collaborative Approach to Wellness: Adding Lawyers to the Healthcare Team to Provide Integrated Care for Patients, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, and Robert Pettignano

Client and Patient Relationships: Understanding Cultural and Social Context, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, and Robert Pettignano


The AALL Annual Meeting: Always a Learning Experience, Pamela C. Brannon

Applying ASC 740-10 to Reporting by Tax-Exempt Organizations - Part 1, Cassady V. Brewer, Marc A. Azar, and Katherine D. Morris

Book Review, Creativity, Law and Entrepreneurship, Margaret Butler


Message from the Chair, Margaret Butler

United States International Taxation, Allison Christians, Samuel A. Donaldson, and Phillip F. Postlewaite

Despite DA's Arguments, Doubt Remains on Troy Davis' Guilt, Russell D. Covey

Longitudinal Guilt: Repeat Offenders, Plea Bargaining, and the Variable Standard of Proof, Russell D. Covey

Pervasive Surveillance & the Future of the Fourth Amendment, Russell D. Covey


Temporary Insanity: The Strange Life and Times of the Perfect Defense, Russell D. Covey

Should American Law Schools Continue to Graduate Lawyers Whom Clients Consider Worthless?, Clark D. Cunningham

Developing Professional Judgment: Law School Innovations in Response to the Carnegie Foundation's Critique of American Legal Education, Clark D. Cunningham and Charlotte S. Alexander

Participating in Jury Selection, Andrea A. Curcio and Denise DeLaRue

Preparing for Trial, Andrea A. Curcio and Denise DeLaRue

2011 Federal Tax Update, Samuel A. Donaldson

Recent Developments - 2010, Samuel A. Donaldson

Consent & Its Cousins, William A. Edmundson

Politics in a State of Nature, William A. Edmundson

Shmegality, William A. Edmundson

Elbert Parr Tuttle: Chief Jurist of the Civil Rights Revolution, Anne S. Emanuel