Publications from 2014


Grinding the Canons, Eric J. Segall


Hands Off Those Gun Laws, Judges, Eric J. Segall

Personal Is Political for Roberts Court, Eric J. Segall

Silence is Golden: Moments of Silence, Legislative Prayers, and the Establishment Clause, Eric J. Segall


Supreme Court Justices Are Not Really Judges, Eric J. Segall


Supreme Court Puts Its Legitimacy At Risk, Eric J. Segall


The Constitution According to Justices Scalia and Thomas: Alive and Kickin', Eric J. Segall


The High Court's Supreme Secrecy, Eric J. Segall


The Last Honest Conservative: Meet the Brilliant Ronald Reagan Appointee Making Antonin Scalia's Life Very Difficult, Eric J. Segall

What are They Hiding?, Eric J. Segall

The Pedagogical Prosecutor, Nirej S. Sekhon

The Hows and Whys of Judicial Elections in Georgia - A Citizens' Primer, Rita A. Sheffey, Nicole G. Iannarone, and Roy M. Sobelson


Beyond the Schoolhouse Gates: The Unprecedented Expansion of School Surveillance Authority Under Cyberbullying Laws, Emily F. Suski

Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: The Failure of the Courts to Recognize Students' Severe Emotional Harm as Unconstitutional, Emily F. Suski

A Child Rights Framework for Addressing Trafficking of Children, Jonathan Todres


Comparing Human Rights Practice, Jonathan Todres

Health and Human Rights, Jonathan Todres


Health Care and Human Trafficking, Jonathan Todres


Human Rights and Justice for Juveniles, Jonathan Todres


Human Rights and the Social Determinants of Health, Jonathan Todres


Incorporating Experiential Learning in Health Law Courses, Jonathan Todres

Independent Children and the Legal Construction of Childhood, Jonathan Todres


The Portrayal of Rights in Children's Literature Teaches Important Lessons, Jonathan Todres

The Value of the Human Rights Treaty Reporting Process, Jonathan Todres


Tobacco Related Harms Extend to Children Who Harvest It, Jonathan Todres

Responding to the Sexual Exploitation of Minors, Jonathan Todres and Ellen Wright Clayton


Contributor, Anne Tucker


The Meaning of Hobby Lobby: Bedrooms, Boardrooms & Burdens, Anne Tucker


A Bad Investment: Recognizing Religious Rights of Corporations, Anne M. Tucker


Administration Encourages U.S. Firms to Practice "Economic Patriotism", Anne M. Tucker

Curbing Corporate Inversions Through Public Pressure for Economic Patriotism, Anne M. Tucker


Teaching LLCs by Design, Anne M. Tucker

The Short Road Home from Delaware: Boilermakers Local 154 Retirement Fund v. Chevron, Anne M. Tucker

Response to 'Pervasive Sequence Patents Cover the Entire Human Genome', Shine Tu and Yaniv Heled


Improvement Doctrines, Deepa Varadarajan


Trade Secret Fair Use, Deepa Varadarajan


Ban Harms Georgia Kids, Tanya M. Washington

In Windsor's Wake: Section 2 of DOMA's Defense of Marriage at the Expense of Children, Tanya M. Washington

Amicus Brief in United States v. Windsor by Scholars for the Recognition of Children's Constitutional Rights, Tanya M. Washington, Catherine Smith, and Susannah Pollvogt

Amicus Brief in "Robincheaux v. Caldwell", Tanya M. Washington, Catherine Smith, and Susannah Pollvogt


Book Review, Where the Law Is: An Introduction to Advanced Legal Research, Austin Martin Williams


Georgia Library Spotlight - Georgia State University College of Law Library, Austin Martin Williams

Georgia State University College of Law Library, Atlanta, GA, Austin Martin Williams

Law, Austin Martin Williams

Georgia Legal Research --Primary Source Material, Austin Martin Williams, Deborah Schander, Elizabeth G. Adelman, Nancy P. Johnson, Nancy Adams, and Terrance Manion

Georgia Practice Materials: A Selective Annotated Bibliography, Austin Martin Williams, Deborah Schander, Nancy P. Johnson, and Ronald E. Wheeler

Liability of Officers, Directors, and Professionals of Insolvent and Near-Insolvent Corporations, Jack F. Williams

CIRA's, Cost Accounting, and Charlie, Jack F. Williams

Financial Handbook for Bankruptcy Professionals, Jack F. Williams

Managing Preference Claims, Jack F. Williams

The Archaeology of Professional Ethics in Bankruptcy (Part II), Jack F. Williams

McQueen and Williams on Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy Law and Practice, Jack F. Williams and C. Richard McQueen

Bloomberg on Bankruptcy Law, Jack F. Williams and Susan H. Seabury


Ebola Cases in the United States, Leslie E. Wolf

Law Professor: Georgia Ebola Policy Has Constitutional Problem, Leslie E. Wolf


Lessons from Ebola- Trust: The Necessary Public Health Tool, Leslie E. Wolf


Lessons From Facebook "Emotional Contagion" Experiment, Leslie E. Wolf

AIDS II. Health Care and Research Issues, Leslie E. Wolf and Rachel L. Hulkower

Designing a Conflict Management System for Higher Education: A Case Study for Design in Integrative Organizations, Douglas H. Yarn

Georgia Alternative Dispute Resolution: Practice And Procedure In Georgia, Douglas H. Yarn

Georgia Alternative Dispute Resolution: Practice And Procedure In Georgia, Douglas H. Yarn and Gregory Todd Jones

The Strange Allure of State "Right-to-Try" Laws, Patricia J. Zettler and Henry T. Greely

23andMe, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Future of Genetic Testing, Patricia J. Zettler, Jacob S. Sherkow, and Henry T. Greely

Publications from 2013

Anticipatory Retaliation, Threats, and the Silencing of the Brown Collar Workforce, Charlotte S. Alexander

Opening Doors: Preventing Youth Homelessness Through Housing and Education Collaboration, Courtney Lauren Anderson

"Something of an Adventure": Postwar NIH Research Ethos and the Guatemala STD Experiments, Kayte Spector Bagdady and Paul A. Lombardo

Exploring Cultural Competence in the Context of Medical-Legal Partnership, Recent Developments in Health Care Law: Culture and Controversy, Lisa Radtke Bliss and Sylvia B. Caley

Bridging the Quality Gap with Medical-Legal Partnerships, Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, and Robert Pettignano


Using Legal Writing and Research Skills to Win at Summary Judgment, Megan E. Boyd


Writing for Judges: Easy, Effective Ways to Improve Motions, Briefs, and Other Filings, Megan E. Boyd


A Dog in the Fight - U.S. v. Hargrove and Why Americans Should Care About Sentencing Guidelines in Animal Cruelty Cases, Megan E. Boyd and Adam Lamparello


Legal Writing for the "Real World": A Practical Guide to Success, Megan E. Boyd and Adam Lamparello


Vulnerable Victims: Increasing Animal Cruelty Sentences to Reflect Society's Understanding of the Value of Animal Lives, Megan E. Boyd and Adam Lamparello

Seven Ways to Strengthen and Improve the L3C, Cassady V. Brewer

Buyer Beware: Georgia Consumers Can't Rely on the Fair Business Practices Act, Mark E. Budnitz

Mobile Banking: Gaps in the Law Impede Risk Assessment, Mark E. Budnitz

Can Development Impact Fees Help Mitigate Urban Sprawl?, Gregory S. Burge and Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Book Review, Legal Research Online: A Practical Guide and Self-Instructional Workbook, Margaret Butler


Book Review, My Beloved World, Margaret Butler


Unleashing the Leader in You: Our AALL Leadership Academy Experience, Meg Butler and Trina Holloway

Panel 2: "Finding a Better Way to Teach", Tom Campbell and Clark D. Cunningham

Plea Bargaining: Law After Lafler and Frye, Russell D. Covey


Police Misconduct as a Cause of Wrongful Convictions, Russell D. Covey


What Do Clients Want From Their Lawyers?, Clark D. Cunningham

Lopez v. Salter, an online and hardcopy civil procedure experiential learning exercise, Andrea A. Curcio

Using Existing Frameworks to Develop Ways to Teach and Measure Law Students' Cultural Competence, Andrea A. Curcio, Teresa M. Ward, and Nisha Dogra

Recent Developments - 2013, Samuel A. Donaldson

Politics in a State of Nature, William A. Edmundson

Why Legal Theory is Political Philosophy, William A. Edmundson


Developing a Durable Right to Health Care, Erin C. Fuse Brown

Indecent Exposure: Genes are More Than a Brand Name Label in the DNA Database Debate, Jessica D. Gabel

Rule 3002. Fun: Does the Rule Need Negative Notice?, Jessica D. Gabel and Steven Golden

The Belly of the Beast: Law Firm Insolvencies, Unfinished Business, and Jewel Waivers, Jessica D. Gabel and Paul R. Hage

North Carolina's Bold Model for Eugenics Compensation, Peter Hardin and Paul Lombardo

Recent Developments in Voucher Programs for Students with Disabilities, Wendy F. Hensel

The Case for Inclusive Eligibility Under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, Wendy F. Hensel

Federal Funds for Syringe Exchange Programs: A Necessary Component Toward Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation, Rachel L. Hulkower and Leslie E. Wolf


Contributor, Nicole Iannarone

Planning for Disaster: Place, Population, Culture and the Environment A Preface to Study Space VI, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Land Use Planning & Development Regulation Law, Julian C. Juergensmeyer and Thomas E. Roberts