Publications from 2017

Vets and Debts, Jack F. Williams


Why Senate Democrats Should Reject Judge Neil Gorsuch, Patrick Wiseman


HeLP Legal Services Clinic Celebrates 10 Years of Advocating for Children's Health and Well-Being, Leslie Wolf

A Concentrated Certificate Program Incorporating Experiential Education: Helping Students Prepare for a Career in the Dynamic Area of Health Law, Leslie E. Wolf, Stacie Kershner, and Lisa Bliss


Amazon's Whole Foods Deal Could Still Be Reversed Thanks to Forgotten Antitrust Case, Ramsi Woodcock


EU's Antitrust 'War' on Google and Facebook Uses Abandoned American Playbook, Ramsi Woodcock


Irma Price Gouging Highlights Sad Truth: Consumer Fleecing is the New Normal, Ramsi Woodcock


Big Data, Price Discrimination, and Antitrust, Ramsi A. Woodcock

The Bargaining Robot, Ramsi A. Woodcock


Pharmaceutical Federalism, Patricia J. Zettler

tDCS Research in a World of FDA Regulation, Patricia J. Zettler


The Indirect Consequences of Expanded Off-Label Promotion, Patricia J. Zettler


The Challenge of Paying for Cost-Effective Cures, Patricia J. Zettler and Erin C. Fuse Brown

Publications from 2016


Don't Believe the Rumors About Legal Writing, Windsor Adams

Legal Avoidance and the Restructuring of Work, Charlotte S. Alexander

Workplace Information-Forcing: Constitutionality and Effectiveness, Charlotte S. Alexander

Post-Racial Hydraulics: The Hidden Dangers of the Universal Turn, Charlotte S. Alexander, Zev J. Eigen, and Camille Gear Rich


Integrate and Reactivate the 1968 Fair Housing Mandate, Courtney L. Anderson

Taxation and Representation: A Healthy Supplement to PPACA, Courtney L. Anderson


Affirmative Action for Affordable Housing, Courtney Lauren Anderson

2016 Georgia State University Law Review Symposium & Miller Lecture Panel: Supreme Court Transparency in the Age of Social Media, Robert Barnes, Dahlia Lithwick, Adam Liptak, Eric Segall, and Luke Donohue


Blogging for Lawyers 101, Megan E. Boyd

On Point, Megan E. Boyd

Book Review: Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History, Pamela C. Brannon

More Efficient Research... For Free!, Pamela C. Brannon

How Cities Will Save The World: Urban Innovation in the Face of Population Flows, Climate Change and Economic Inequality, Raymond Brescia and John T. Marshall

The Ongoing Evolution in Social Enterprise Legal Forms, Cassady V. Brewer


Differences in Preferences for Models of Consent for Biobanks Between Black and White Women, Katherine M. Brown, Bettina F. Drake, Sarah Gehlert, Leslie E. Wolf, James DuBois, Joann Seo, Krista Woodward, Hannah Perkins, Melody S. Goodman, and Kimberly A. Kaphingst


The Legal Framework of Mobile Payment: Gaps, Ambiguities, and Overlap, Mark E. Budnitz

An Uncivil Action: Criminalizing Daubert in Practice and Procedure to Avoid Wrongful Convictions, Jessica Gabel Cino

Litigating Forensic Evidence: Cases & Practice, Jessica Gabel Cino


"To Kill a Mockingbird" and Finding Solace After Death Penalty Case, Jessica Gabel Cino

How the Death Penalty May Keep Innocent People in Prison, Russell D. Covey

Plea Bargaining and Price Theory, Russell D. Covey

Recantations and the Perjury Sword, Russell D. Covey


Rules, Standards, Sentencing, and the Nature of Law, Russell D. Covey

Social Function and Value Capture: Do They or Should They Have a Role to Play in Polish Land Development Regulation, Colin Crawford, Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, and Dawid Sześciło


Apple and the American Revolution: Remembering Why We Have the Fourth Amendment, Clark D. Cunningham


Feds: We Can Read All Your Email, and You'll Never Know, Clark D. Cunningham


In Getting 'New' Clinton Emails, Did the FBI Violate the Constitution?, Clark D. Cunningham


Restoring Transparency and Fairness to the FBI Investigation of Clinton Emails, Clark D. Cunningham

Supreme Court of Georgia Dramatically Expands Student Practice, Clark D. Cunningham

Skills Exercises for Civil Procedure, Andrea A. Curcio

What Schools Don't Tell You About Campus Sexual Assault, Andrea A. Curcio

Helvering v. Safe Deposit & Trust Co.: Underestimating the Power of a Power of Appointment, Samuel A. Donaldson


Charlie Hebdo Meets Utility Monster, William A. Edmundson

Coercion, Stability, and Indoctrination in the Pejorative Sense, William A. Edmundson

Bullying Prevention: A Summary of the Report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Daniel J. Flannery, Jonathan Todres, Catherine P. Bradshaw, Angela Frederick Amar, Sandra Graham, Mark Hatzenbuehler, Matthew Masiello, Megan Moreno, Regina Sullivan, Tracy Vaillancourt, Suzanne M. Le Menestrel, and Frederick Rivara

Fair Hospital Prices Are Not Charity: Decoupling Hospital Pricing and Collection Rules from Tax Status, Erin C. Fuse Brown


The Double-Edged Sword of Health Care Integration: Consolidation and Cost Control, Erin C. Fuse Brown and Jaime S. King


The Consequences of Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual for Health Care Cost Control Policy, Erin C. Fuse Brown and Jaime S. King

A 360 Degree Review of Roles and Responsibilities Concerning Diminished Capacity: Financial Advisers' Obligations to Clients, Lawyers Representing Clients, and Lawyers Preparing Their Practices, Elissa Germaine, Nicole G. Iannarone, and Teresa Verges


Hospitals Rationing Drugs Behind Closed Doors: A Civil Rights Issue, Wendy F. Hensel and Leslie E. Wolf

Campus Carry and the Second Amendment, L. Lynn Hogue

Keeping Our Houses in Order: Lawyers' Obligations Concerning Our Own or Our Colleagues' Inability to Competently Represent Clients, Nicole G. Iannarone


Crafting Comment Letters: Teach Policy, Develop Skills, and Shape Pending Regulation, Nicole G. Iannarone and Benjamin P. Edwards

What I Think I Have Learned From 50 Years of Teaching American Law to Foreigners and Foreign Law to Americans, Julian C. Juergensmeyer

Innovation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned from Creating a Faculty Fellowship Program, Nancy J. Kaufman and Charity Scott

Writing for Practice, Kendall L. Kerew

Best Practices for Teaching Public Health Law: Two Online Resource Libraries, Stacie P. Kershner


New Health Care Symposium: States' Critical Role in Overseeing Health Care Integration, Jaime S. King and Erin C. Fuse Brown


Originalism and the Executive, Neil Kinkopf


A Brief History of Supreme Court Nominations During a Presidential Election Year, Neil J. Kinkopf

Plutocracy and Partyocracy: Oligarchies Born of Constitutional Interpretation, Timothy K. Kuhner


The Corruption of Liberal and Social Democracies, Timothy K. Kuhner

The New Tyranny: A Preface to the 2016 Elections in the United States, Timothy K. Kuhner

State Sovereign Immunity and Intellectual Property Revisited, Michael B. Landau


Pixie for President: Why Judge Posner's Cat Deserves Your Vote, LawProfBlog and Eric Segall

Do You Owe the IRS Money? Here’s What to Do, Tameka Lester

Anthropometry, Race, and Eugenic Research: "Measurements of Growing Negro Children" at the Tuskegee Institute, 1932-1944, Paul A. Lombardo

Excerpt: The Banality of Eugenics, Paul A. Lombardo

Does the First Amendment protect religious freedom laws?, Lauren Sudeall Lucas


Justice Scalia and What His Legacy Means to Me, Lauren Sudeall Lucas

Sandy Hook Decision Puts Crack in Gun Makers' Armor, Timothy Lytton


Obama's Executive Order on Guns is Mostly Political Theater, Timothy D. Lytton


Sandy Hook Lawsuit Is Latest Effort to Hold Gun Makers Liable for Mass Shootings, Timothy D. Lytton


The Invisible Battlefield: Veterans Facing Health-Harming Legal Needs in Civilian Life, Rishi Manchanda, Shannon Murphy, Ellen Lawton, and Margaret Middleton

Assessing Metropolitan Resiliency: Laying the Foundation for Urban Sustainability, John T. Marshall

Anticipating and Overcoming Regulatory and Legal Barriers During Rebuilding & Resettlement, John T. Marshall, Adrienne La Grange, and Ann-Margaret Esnard


Cities Can Prepare for Hurricane Season by Reforming Shortsighted and Outdated Laws, John Travis Marshall

Introduction, John Travis Marshall and Raymond Brescia

Lessons Learned by an Interdisciplinary Research Team Evaluating Medical-Legal Partnership With the Department of Veterans Affairs, Margaret Middleton, Jack Tsai, and Robert Rosenheck


Four Steps to Appointing a Supreme Court Justice, Caren Morrison


What Kind of Judge is Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland?, Caren Morrison


Polar Bears, Princess Diana, and Gun Rights: The Opinions of Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, Merrick Garland, Caren M. Morrison

Financing Urban Transportation Infrastructure: Old and New Approaches for Funding Urban Regeneration and Resiliency: The Atlanta Example, M. Becht Neel and Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer


AALL Spectrum, Kristina L. Niedringhaus


Responding to Takedown Requests for Digital Library Repositories, Kristina L. Niedringhaus

Faux Originalism, Richard A. Posner and Eric J. Segall

Ethical Considerations in Serving as or Representing Executors, Trustees, and Other Fiduciaries, Mary F. Radford


Response to Professor Spitko's The Will as an Implied Unilateral Arbitration Contract and an Alternative Proposal, Mary F. Radford

Trust Arbitration in United States Courts, Mary F. Radford

Using Mediation in Guardianship Cases Involving Adults with Diminished Capacity, Mary F. Radford

Wills, Trusts, Guardianships and Fiduciary Administration, Mary F. Radford

Avoiding Atlantis: Protecting Urban Cultural Heritage from Disaster, Ryan Rowberry

Forest Eyre Justices in the Reign of Henry III (1216-1272), Ryan Rowberry

Laws Regarding Controversial Cultural Heritage in South Africa and the United States: Public Monuments and Street Names, Ryan Rowberry and Gordon Pirie

Introduction: Transforming the Future of Public Health Law Education Through a Faculty Fellowship Program, Charity Scott


Practicing Mindfulness in Law, Charity Scott


Alexander Hamilton and the New Supreme Court Term, Eric Segall