Publications from 2022

Children's Right and Human Rights Education Through Museums, Jonathan Todres and Anissa Malik

Dobbs decision also impacts privacy, Jeffrey Vagle

Forfeiting IP, Deepa Varadarajan

Fulton's Flaw: In the Constitutional Clash Between Religious Liberty and LGBTQ+ Rights, Foster Kids are Neither Seen nor Heard, Tanya Washington Hicks


Third-Party Litigation Finance and Public Capital Markets: The Case of the Muddy Waters Short Attack on Burford Capital, Robert Weber


The Conflict and Burden of Insurer Appointments for Brokers and the Need for Regulatory Reform, Harold Weston, Brenda P. Wells, and Christoph Schwarzbach

Reconciling the Principle of Indemnity in Diminished Value Automobile Insurance Claims, Harold Weston and Brenda Wells-Dietel


Executive Capture of Agency Decisionmaking, Allison M. Whelan


Is Preemption the Cure for Healthcare Federalism’s Restrictions on Medication Abortion?, Allison M. Whelan

The PREP Act and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation: Past, Present, and Future, Allison M. Whelan

Abortion Rights and Disability Equality: A New Constitutional Background, Allison M. Whelan and Michele Goodwin

Perspectives on choice of law challenges in multistate precision medicine research, Leslie Wolf, Laura M. Beskow, James W. Hazel, and Catherine M. Hammack

Addressing Choice of Law Challenges in Multi-State Precision Medicine Research: Experts' Assessment of Key Factors, Leslie Wolf, Erin C. Fuse Brown, Roxanne Greeson, Catherine M. Hammack-Aviran, James W. Hazel, William C. Rencher, and Laura M. Beskow


Engaging Diversity: A New Approach to Bioethics Teaching, Leslie Wolf, Pooja Parikh, Courtney Anderson, and Paul Lombardo

Requiem or Resurgence?, Douglas H. Yarn

Publications from 2021


Framing Tax Enforcement Against the Poor Through Catholic Social Teaching, W Edward Afield

Offers In Compromise, W Edward Afield


Sweating the Small Stuff: Writing Letters of Recommendation, Kristina J. Alayan and Michelle Hook Dewey


Learning from Sex Workers: Lessons in Advocacy, Stigma, and Struggle, Charlotte Alexander


Power Imbalances Are at the Root of Sexual Harassment - But Statements Like Andrew Cuomo's Don't Acknowledge That Inconvenient Fact, Charlotte Alexander

Coding and Collaboration: Data Analytics in the Law School Classroom, Charlotte Alexander and Nicole Iannarone

Winning, Defined? Text-Mining Arbitration Decisions, Charlotte S. Alexander and Nicole G. Iannarone

Evaluating the Implementation of Human Rights Law: A Data Analytics Research Agenda, Charlotte Alexander and Jonathan Todres

Introduction: Assuming a Critical Lens in Legal Studies: Reconciling Laws and Reality, Courtney Anderson and Tanya Washington Hicks

Surviving Gentrification and Segregation, Courtney Lauren Anderson

The Intersection of Bioethics and Community Lawyering, Courtney Lauren Anderson

Uniform Probate Code and Uniform Trust Code in a Nutshell, 7th ed., Lawrence H. Averill Jr. and Mary F. Radford

Vaccination Law Across the Life-Course, Alexandra A. Bhatti, Stacie Kershner, and Shade O. Olowookere

Creating Online Education Spaces to Support Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Wellbeing, Lisa Bliss, Susan L. Brooks, and Chaumtoli Huq


Plagiarism Pedagogy: Why Teaching Plagiarism Should be a Fundamental Part of Legal Education, Megan E. Boyd and Brian L. Frye


A Rose is a Rose: Electronic Commerce Spawns Word Confusion, Mark E. Budnitz


Scholarship, Margaret "Meg" Butler

Selected Bibliography for Inclusive Critical Legal Pedagogy, Margaret (Meg) Butler

Selected Bibliography on Torts, Margaret (Meg) Butler

No More Surprises—New Legislation on Out-of-Network Billing, Karan R. Chhabra, Erin Fuse Brown, and Andrew Ryan

A Merritt-orious Path for Lawyer Licensing, Carol Chomsky, Andrea A. Curcio, and Eileen Kaufman

Dissent and the Rule of Law, Russell D. Covey


Democrats Are Pursuing the Wrong Impeachment Charges Against President Trump, Clark D. Cunningham

Socialism for Soloists, William Edmundson

"In Such Ways as Promise Some Success", William A. Edmundson


Book Review, A History of American Law by Lawrence M. Friedman (2020), Gerard Fowke

Book Review, Until Justice Be Done: America’s First Civil Rights Movement, From the Revolution to Reconstruction, Gerard Fowke

Closed Stacks, Gerard Fowke


Coming Up with Ideas, Gerard Fowke


The Unfinished Business Of Air Ambulance Bills, Erin Fuse Brown, Loren Adler, Karan R. Chhabra, Barak D. Richman, and Erin Trish

State Public Option Plans - Too Modest to Improve Affordability?, Erin C. Fuse Brown, Katherine L. Gudiksen, and Jaime S. King

What States Can Do to Address Out-of-Network Air Ambulance Bills, Erin Fuse Brown, Alex McDonald, and Ngan T. Nguyen


Contracts with (Social) benefits: The implementation of impact investing, Christopher Geczy, Jessica Jeffers, David K. Musto, and Anne Tucker


Barriers to Purchasing Narcan® in Georgia: A Survey of Pharmacy Staff, Thomas E. Griner, Sheryl Strasser, Stacie Kershner, Ashli Owen-Smith, and Matthew J. Hayat


The Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act at 10—A Stocktaking, Yaniv Heled

A Wrong Without a Remedy: Leaving Parents and Children With a Hollow Victory in Lawsuits Against Unscrupulous Sperm Banks, Yaniv Heled, Timothy D. Lytton, and Liza S. Vertinsky

Regulatory Reactivity: FDA and the Response to COVID-19, Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Liza Vertinsky


An Institutional Solution to Build Trust in Pandemic Vaccines, Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Liza S. Vertinsky


Regulatory Reactivity in FDA’s Approval of Aduhelm, Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Liza S. Vertinsky

The Need for the Tort Law Necessity Defense in Intellectual Property Law, Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Liza S. Vertinsky

Genetic Paparazzi: Beyond Genetic Privacy, Yaniv Heled and Liza Vertinsky

Genetic Paparazzi, Yaniv Heled and Liza S. Vertinsky


How to Bake Impact Into the Paperwork, Jessica Jeffers and Anne Tucker


Public Transit Drivers Struggle to Enforce Mask Mandates, Stacie Kershner and Karen Johnston


Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable and At-Risk School-Age Children, Stacie P. Kershner and Brooke N. Silverthorn


How Merrick Garland Can Fix the DOJ's Special Counsel Problem, Neil Kinkopf


The Senate Retains Authority to Try Donald Trump After He Leaves Office, Neil Kinkopf


The New Redeemers, Anthony Kreis


New Signs in Georgia Expose Our Ongoing Democratic Decay, Anthony Michael Kreis

The Astounding Growth of "Big Tech" and the Lack of Enforcement of Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and Contract Laws, Michael B. Landau

The Astounding Growth of "Big Tech" and the Lack of Enforcement of Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and Contract Laws, Michael B. Landau

The Fallacy of Contract in Sexual Slavery: A Response to Ramseyer's "Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War", Yong-Shik Lee, Natsu Taylor Saito, and Jonathan Todres

Obtaining Authority to Represent Taxpayers or Receive Taxpayer Information, Tameka E. Lester

Obtaining Authority to Represent Taxpayers or Receive Taxpayer Information, Tameka E. Lester and Derek Wheeler


Invoking Criminal Equity’s Roots, Cortney E. Lollar

"A Menace to the Public": The Aiken Leper Case, 1909, Paul Lombardo

New York Defines Illegal Firearms Use As a 'Public Nuisance' in Bid to Pierce Gun Industry's Powerful Liability Shield, Timothy Lytton

Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation: The Year 2020, Bruce A. McGovern, Cassady V. Brewer, and James M. Delaney

The State Courts Don't Have Time for Your Crackpot Antiquarianism: A Decade of Domestic Homicides Since Giles v. California, Caren Myers Morrison


From the Ivory Tower to the Judicial Trenches: Are We Bridging the Divide?, Kristina Niedringhaus

Tech Tip, Cassandra Patterson

Simplified Corporations and Entrepreneurship, Alvaro Pereira

Symposium 2020 Hindsight: Reflections on the Pandemic, Protests, and Political Perils: Clinicians Reflect on COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Looking Beyond, The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Policy Committee, Deborah Archer, Caitlin Barry, Lisa Bliss, G.S. Hans, Vida Johnson, Carolyn Kaas, Lynnise Pantin, Kele Stewart, The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) Committee for Faculty Equity and Inclusion, Priya Baskaran, Jennifer Fernandez, Crystal Grant, Anjum Gupta, Julia Hernandez, Alexis Karteron, and Shobha Mahadev

Can Speech Act Theory Save Notice Pleading?, Susan Provenzano

Georgia Trusts and Trustees, Mary F. Radford

Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.14 and Clients With "Diminished Capacity", Mary F. Radford

Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, and Fiduciary Administration (2020-2021 Developments), Mary F. Radford

Origin Stories: Critical Race Theory Encounters the War on Terror, Natsu T. Saito


Stories Matter: We Can Choose to Face Our Truths Together, Natsu Taylor Saito

Why Xenophobia?, Natsu Taylor Saito


Chief Justice John Roberts: Institutionalist or Hubris-in-Chief?, Eric Segall

Missing Missingness in Merger Analysis, Susan Navarro Smelcer


Praxis and Paradox: Inside the Black Box of Eviction Court, Lauren Sudeall and Daniel Pasciuti


Pre-Employment Personality Tests, Algorithmic Bias, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, Kelly Cahill Timmons

Robots are Coming for the Lawyers but Might Also be Their Rainmakers, Elizabeth Tippett and Charlotte Alexander


A Magna Carta for Children? Rethinking Children's Rights, Jonathan Todres


Book Review, A Magna Carta for Children? Rethinking Children's Rights by Michael Freeman, Jonathan Todres

Can Litigation Help Reduce Bullying?, Jonathan Todres

Children and Disasters: The Essential Role of Children's Rights Law, Jonathan Todres


Confronting Child Trafficking, Jonathan Todres

Incorporating the CRC and Its Optional Protocols in the United States, Jonathan Todres

Confronting Housing Insecurity- A Key to Getting Kids Back to School, Jonathan Todres and Lauren Meeler


Pandemic Disclosures: Covid-19 as a "Current Market Condition" for Mutual Funds, Anne Tucker, Yusen Xia, and Susan Navarro Smelcer

Business Secrecy Expansion and FOIA, Deepa Varadarajan


Critiquing Legal Futurism and Imagining a Radical, Emancipatory Legal Liberalism, Robert Weber