Publications from 2020

The Oxford Handbook of Children's Rights Law, Jonathan Todres and Shani M. King

Publications from 2019


Reflections on Nina Olson from Ted Afield, Ted Afield


How to Tell Other Sexual Harassment Stories, Charlotte S. Alexander

Litigation Migrants, Charlotte S. Alexander

Using Text Analytics to Predict Litigation Outcomes, Charlotte S. Alexander, Khalifeh al Jadda, Mohammad Javad Feizollahi, and Anne M. Tucker

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law Isn't It? The Ethical, Legal, and Practical Considerations Involving the Financial Exploitation of Seniors (Part 2), Stuart C. Bear, Mary F. Radford, and Francis J. Rondoni

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law Isn't It? The Ethical, Legal, Practical Considerations Involving The Financial Exploitation of Seniors, Stuart C. Bear, Mary F. Radford, and Francis J. Rondoni

Georgia Aquarium v. Pritzker: The Beginning of the End for Belugas in Captivity in the United States, Megan E. Boyd


Touching, Tapping, and Talking: The Formation of Contracts in Cyberspace, Mark E. Budnitz

The Law of Lender Liability, Jessica Gabel Cino


Dean Gerken's Vision Versus Malcolm Gladwell's Experience, Andi Curcio


Assessing Institutional Learning Outcomes Using Rubrics: Lessons Learned, Andrea A. Curcio and Alexis Martinez

Neoliberalism Versus Distributional Autonomy: The Skipped Step in Rawls's The Law of Peoples, William A. Edmundson and Matthew R. Schrepfer

Health Reform and Theories of Cost Control, Erin C. Fuse Brown


How Well Does State Supervision of Hospital Mergers Work?, Erin C. Fuse Brown


Could States Do Single-Payer Health Care?, Erin C. Fuse Brown and Elizabeth Y. McCuskey

Students With Disabilities and School Choice, Robert Garda Jr., Wendy Hensel, and Paul O'Neill

DIY CRISPR, Christi J. Guerrini, G. Evan Spencer, and Patricia J. Zettler


Cheaper Versions of the Most Expensive Drugs May Be Coming, But Monopolies Will Likely Remain, Yaniv Heled


Why Healthcare Companies Should Be(come) Benefit Corporations, Yaniv Heled, Liza Vertinsky, and Cass Brewer


Dean's Welcome, Wendy Hensel

What Every Attorney Should Know About Technology in Practice, Nicole Iannarone

Rethinking Automated Investment Adviser Disclosure, Nicole G. Iannarone


Is State Preemption Weakening the Authoritarian Resilience of Local Government in the United States?, Julian C. Juergensmeyer and Andrew F. Prater

The Intersection of Law, Ethics, and Public Health in the United States, Stacie P. Kershner and Leslie E. Wolf


A Proposal to Reduce Vaccine Exemptions While Respecting Rights of Conscience, Stacie Kershner, Daniel Salmon, Hillel Y. Levin, and Timothy D. Lytton

Intersection of Law, Ethics, and Public Health in the United States, Stacie Kershner and Leslie Wolf

How Will Congress Answer Trump's Contempt?, Neil Kinkopf

Eugenics and Public Health: Historical Connections and Ethical Implications, Paul Lombardo

Implementing Regulatory Broad Consent Under the Revised Common Rule: Clarifying Key Points and the Need for Evidence, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Leslie E. Wolf, and Mark Barnes

Catholic Bishops Still Don't Get It, Timothy D. Lytton

Exposing Private Third-Party Food Safety Auditors to Civil Liability for Negligence: Harnessing Private Law Norms to Regulate Private Governance, Timothy D. Lytton

Outbreak: Foodborne Illness and the Struggle for Food Safety, Timothy D. Lytton

Sandy Hook Lawsuit Court Victory Opens Crack in Gun Maker Immunity Shield, Timothy D. Lytton

Technical Standards in Health and Safety Regulation: Risk Regimes, the New Administrative Law, and Food Safety Governance, Timothy D. Lytton


Why the Pope's Upcoming Summit Needs To Do a Full Accounting of the Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse, Timothy D. Lytton

Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation: The Year 2018, Bruce A. McGovern and Cassady V. Brewer


Why the Federal Government Isn't Prosecuting the Officer Who Choked Eric Garner, Caren Morrison


Is It a "Good" Case? Can You Rely on BCite, KeyCite, and Shepard's to Tell You?, Kristina Niedringhaus


The Short History of the Rule of Law in the United States (1954-2016), Ryan Rowberry

Book Review, City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles, 1771-1965, Natsu Taylor Saito

Introduction, Eric Segall

Panel 5: Federalism and Separation of Powers, Eric Segall, Stephen Griffin, Neil Kinkopf, and Ilya Somin


Aggressive Judicial Review, Political Ideology, and the Rule of Law, Eric J. Segall

Originalism Off the Ground: A Response to Professors Baude and Sachs, Eric J. Segall


U.S. Public Health Service STD Experiments in Guatemala (1946-1948) and Their Aftermath, Kayte Spector-Bagdady and Paul A. Lombardo


Navigating IRS Collections and Presenting Special Circumstances, Erin H. Stearns and Tameka E. Lester


Integrating the Access to Justice Movement, Lauren Sudeall


Unfamiliar Justice: Indigent Criminal Defendants' Experiences With Civil Legal Needs, Lauren Sudeall and Ruth Richardson

Article 8: The Right to Preservation of a Child's identity, John Tobin and Jonathan Todres

Preventing Child Trafficking, Jonathan Todres and Angela Diaz

The Uses of IP Misuse, Deepa Varadarajan


The FSOC's Designation Program as a Case Study of the New Administrative Law of Financial Supervision, Robert F. Weber


Genomic Databases, Subpoenas, and Certificates of Confidentiality, Leslie E. Wolf and Laura M. Beskow

The Web of Legal Protections for Participants in Genomic Research, Leslie E. Wolf, Erin Fuse Brown, Ryan Kerr, Genevieve Razick, Gregory Tanner, Brett Duvall, Sakinah Jones, Jack Brackney, and Tatiana Posada

Publications from 2018


Georgia State's Tax Clinic Gives Georgia's Low-Income Taxpayers a Fresh Start, W. Edward Afield

Handling Tax Collection Matters - Procedures and Strategies, W Edward Afield, Tameka E. Lester, and Willard N. Timm Jr.


Uber, China, and Robots, Charlotte S. Alexander

Climate Change and Infrastructure, Courtney Anderson

Planning for Public Health, Courtney L. Anderson


Divide & Concur: Separate Opinions & Legal Change, Thomas B. Bennett, Barry Friedman, Andrew D. Martin, and Susan Navarro Smelcer

The Role of the Lawyer and the Essential Skills to Teach Law Students in an Era of Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Governing by Disruption, Beryl Blaustone and Lisa Radtke Bliss

Reflections on Reimagining Clinical Legal Education: The US Perspective, Lisa Radtke Bliss

Legal Writing Lessons From American Presidents, Megan E. Boyd


Some Tips On Studying For and Taking 1L Exams, Megan E. Boyd


What to Do About Mediocre First-Semester Law School Grades, Megan E. Boyd

Georgia, Margaret Butler

New York, Margaret Butler

Oregon, Margaret Butler

Deploying the Secret Police: The Use of Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System, Jessica Gabel Cino


Is a Polygraph a Reliable Lie Detector?, Jessica Gabel Cino

Suspect Evidence and Coalmine Canaries, Russell D. Covey

The Wrongful Convictions Reader, Russell D. Covey


A Simple Low-Cost Institutional Learning-Outcomes Assessment Process, Andrea A. Curcio

How to Build a Better Bar Exam, Andrea A. Curcio, Carol L. Chomsky, and Eileen Kaufman


The Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 - Implications for FDA Regulation and Public Health, Jonathan J. Darrow, Erin C. Fuse Brown, and Aaron S. Kesselheim


Understanding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Samuel A. Donaldson


It Can't Happen Here, Has It?, W. A. Edmundson

Distributive Justice and Distributed Obligations, William A. Edmundson


Does the Center Want to Hold?, William A. Edmundson

Precedent and United States Administrative Law, William A. Edmundson


The Philosophical Case for Socialism, William A. Edmundson


Promoting Patient Interests in Implementing the Federal Right to Try Act, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Patricia J. Zettler, and Ameet Sarpatwari

Superstorm Sandy at Five: Lessons on Law as Catalyst and Obstacle to Long-Term Recovery Following Catastrophic Disasters, Donovan Finn and John Travis Marshall

Librarians Before Congress: Advocacy and Identity, Gerard Fowke

Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, Barry R. Furrow, Thomas L. Greaney, Sandra H. Johnson, Timothy S. Jost, Robert L. Schwartz, Brietta Clark, Erin C. Fuse Brown, Robert Gatter, Jaime S. King, and Elizabeth Pendo


Hospital Mergers and Public Accountability: Tennessee and Virginia Employ a Certificate of Public Advantage, Erin C. Fuse Brown

Removing ERISA's Impediment to State Health Reform, Erin C. Fuse Brown and Ameet Sarpatwari


Approaching the Largest 'API': Extracting Information From the Internet With Python, Jonathan E. Germann

Child Trafficking: Issues for Policy and Practice, V. Jordan Greenbaum, Katherine Yun, and Jonathan Todres

Distractedly Engaged or Engagedly Distracted: How Constant Collaboration Breeds Innovation in Millennial Librarians, Katie Hanschke and Patrick Parsons


Follow-On Biologics Are Set Up to Fail, Yaniv Heled


Bringing Wall Street to Main Street: SEC Invites Atlanta Investors to Georgia State Law for an Interactive Town Hall on June 13, Nicole G. Iannarone

Computer as Confidant: Digital Investment Advice and the Fiduciary Standard, Nicole G. Iannarone


Investor Advocacy Clinic at Georgia state Law Seeks Economic Justice for Retirees, Nicole G. Iannarone

Building Your Professional Identity, Kendall Kerew

Cross-Cultural Lawyering, Kendall Kerew


Harvesting: Where Fiction Meets Children's Rights Advocacy, Ursula Kilkelly and Jonathan Todres

The Anti-Competitive Potential of Cross-Market Mergers in Health Care, Jaime S. King and Erin C. Fuse Brown

Joint Works Under United States Copyright Law: Judicial Legislation Through Statutory Misinterpretation, Michael B. Landau