Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy


Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer,Georgia State University College of Law

Managing Editor

Karen Marie Johnston,Georgia State University College of Law

Associate Editors

Ryan Max Rowberry, Georgia State University College of Law

John Travis Marshall, Georgia State University College of Law

Editorial Board

Ellen Margrethe Basse, Aarhus University Department of Law

Colin Crawford, Tulane University Law School

Janice Griffith, Suffolk University Law School

Lydie Louis, Hult International Business School

Camille Mailot, Sciences Po Law School

Claudio Monteiro, University of Lisbon School of Law

Arthur C. Nelson, University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Romulo Sampaio, Getulio Vargas Foundation School of Law

Bruce Stiftel, Georgia Institute of Technology School of City and Regional Planning

Juli Ponce Sole, University of Barcelona School of Law

Maria Kenig-Witkowska, University of Warsaw Faculty of Law and Administration