Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy


Editor-in-Chief: Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Georgia State University College of Law
Managing Editor: Karen Marie Johnston, Georgia State University College of Law
Associate Editors: Ryan Max Rowberry, Georgia State University College of Law
  John Travis Marshall, Georgia State University College of Law

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The Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy is a tool for lawyers, planners, policy-makers and scholars working on metropolitan growth issues and interested in learning more about how cities around the world tackle the same issues. Articles focus on issues such as equitable and sustainable development; taxation and infrastructure finance; social mix, affordable housing, and housing finance; historic preservation; and climate change, environmental law, and greenspace preservation.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2020) Festschrift II in Honor of Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer on the Occasion of His Retirement: International Perspectives on Urban Law & Policy


This special edition celebrates the retirement of Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Ben F. Johnson Jr. Chair in Law and Director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth at Georgia State University College of Law, after 55 years of teaching law. It features several tributes and articles written by Julian's dearest friends and colleagues.



Pandemic Planning
Dwight Merriam


Why Greenland is not for Sale
Ellen Margrethe Basse


Transport Sustainability in the United States: Leading from Below
Catherine Ross, Chisun Yoo, and Bruce Stiftel


Inequities of Transit Access: The Case of Atlanta, GA
Christopher K. Wyczalkowski, Timothy Welch, and Obed Pasha


Regulating Micromobility: Examining Transportation Equity and Access
Karen Johnston, Deirdre A. Oakley, Audra Durham, Claire Bass, and Stacie Kershner