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Students With Disabilities and School Choice
Robert Garda Jr., Wendy Hensel, and Paul O'Neill


The Law Review Follies
Eric J. Segall


The Uses of IP Misuse
Deepa Varadarajan


Eric Segall


The Web of Legal Protections for Participants in Genomic Research
Leslie E. Wolf, Erin Fuse Brown, Ryan Kerr, Genevieve Razick, Gregory Tanner, Brett Duvall, Sakinah Jones, Jack Brackney, and Tatiana Posada


Symposium Dialogue: Guns and Liability in America
David Kairys, Andrew J. McClurg, Timothy D. Lytton, John R. Lott, Anne Giddings Kimball, Robert R. Simpson, Jerry J. Phillips, Carl T. Bogus, Anthony J. Sebok, and Jeremy G. Zimmermann


The Pros and Cons of Litigation in Public Health
Gihan Barsoum, Timothy Lytton, Jon Vernick, and Carol Isaacs

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