Update on Litigation to Strike Down the Affordable Care Act

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Fall 9-10-2019


On September 10, the Center for Law, Health & Society at Georgia State Law hosted an update on the Affordable Care Act and the Texas v. U.S.case by Eric Segall, Kathy and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Law, and Erin Fuse Brown, associate professor of law.

The ACA faces a new challenge in Texas v. U.S., filed in 2018 by two individual plaintiffs and joined by many Republican-led states. Judge Reed O’Connor (N.D. Tex) found that, without the penalty, the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that it is inseverable from the ACA, so the entire law must be struck down. Now before the Fifth Circuit with a decision expected this fall, the case will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court. Watch the video to gain more insight on this topic.