Day 2: Afternoon Sessions (GSHA 12th Annual Supportive Housing Conference)

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Housing Innovation Around the State

Tiny houses for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, land banking for affordability over generations, and supportive housing development through RAD deals - these innovations are occurring in our state! Join us to learn from the experts behind these projects.

The Built for Zero Initiative to Measurably and Equitably End Homelessness

Community Solutions was awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change $100 million grant to help accelerate an end to homelessness in the United States. Learn how they are activating the grant, as well as engaging in partnership with the City of Atlanta and other communities across the country.

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Dravion M. McGill, Sr., Shawn Edwards, Odetta M. White, Shawn Green, Annie Hyrila, Jasmine Cunningham & Leslie Wise, Day 2: Afternoon Sessions (GSHA 12th Annual Supportive Housing Conference), Center for Law, Health and Society Events 127 (2022).