Beyond Bostock: Health, Religion, and LGBTQ Discrimination

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Fall 9-24-2020


The summer of 2020 saw the U.S. Supreme Court issue a landmark decision for LGBTQ rights. In Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga., the Court ruled that employees cannot be discriminated against on the basis of sexuality or gender identity. But that same month, the Court also issued several decisions in favor of religious objectors to antidiscrimination protections. It stripped school teachers in religious schools of civil rights claims. It affirmed that employers with religious or moral exemptions can be exempted from Affordable Care Act requirements to provide contraceptive coverage. LGBTQ employees appear to have made great strides against discrimination under Bostock, but will religious objections chip away at these hard fought wins? In a panel moderated by Erin Fuse Brown, guest speakers Anthony Kreis and Elizabeth Sepper will discuss these important cases, the decisions soon to come, and the impact on the health and health care of the LGBTQ community.