LOCAL GOVERNMENT Act to Incorporate the City of Sandy Springs; Incorporate the City of Sandy Springs in Fulton County; Provide for a Charter for the City of Sandy Springs; Provide for Incorporation, Boundaries, and Powers of the City; Provide for General Powers and Limitations on Powers; Provide for a Governing Authority of Such City and the Powers, Duties, Authority, Election, Terms, Method of Filing Vacancies, Compensation, Expenses, Qualifications, Prohibitions, and Districts Relative to Members of Such Governing Authority; Provide for Inquiries and Investigations; Provide for Organization and Procedures; Provide for Ordinances; Provide for the Office of Mayor and Certain Duties and Powers Relative to the Office of Mayor; Provide for Administrative Responsibilities; Provide for Boards, Commissions, and Authorities; Provide for a City Manager, a City Attorney, a City Clerk, a Tax Collector, a City Accountant, and Other Personnel; Provide for a Municipal Court and the Judge or Judges Thereof; Provide for Practices and Procedures; Provide for Ethics and Disclosures; Provide for Taxation, Licenses and Fees; Provide for Franchises, Service Charges, and Assessments; Provide for Bonded and Other Indebtedness; Provide for Accounting and Budgeting; Provide for Purchases; Provide for Homestead Exceptions; Provide for Bonds for Officials; Provide for Other Matters Relative to the Foregoing; Provide for a Referendum; Provide Effective Dates and Transitional Provisions Governing the Transfer of Various Functions and Responsibilities from Fulton County to the City of Sandy Springs; Provide for Severability; Repeal Conflicting Laws; and for Other Purposes

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The bill provides for a charter for the City of Sandy Springs. Most importantly, the bill provides for a referendum whereby the citizens of Sandy Springs will vote to decide whether to become an independent city. The bill outlines the boundaries of Sandy Springs and provides for a governing authority and general powers of the city.

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