Prospective Members

Details on the Law Review Summer Write-On Competition

Georgia State University College of Law students become members of Law Review by invitation based on exceptional academic standing and performance in the annual Writing Competition. Students are eligible for Law Review after they have completed their required first-year classes (for part and full-time students, when you receive your first ranking).

Every student on Law Review must devote four consecutive semesters to the journal. The Law Review board may in some circumstances grant a waiver for students who are graduating three semesters after joining Law Review.

Law Review Selection

Selection for the Law Review is done in the following manner:

  • The top ten (10) written submissions will receive invitations to join the Law Review.
  • The remaining invitations will be extended based on a combination of the student’s grade point average and write-on score.

Questions regarding the selection process should be e-mailed to the Editor in Chief at ).

Questions about the Writing Competition in general should be e-mailed to the Student Writing Editor at ).

Thank you for your interest in Law Review. We look forward to working with all of you.

Transfer student eligibility

Students who are transferring from other law schools may participate in the Writing Competition if they provide the Law Review with an official letter from the law school registrar from which they are transferring, certifying that they were ranked in the top 30% of their first-year class at that institution. Transfer students should contact the Student Writing Editor at for more information about participating as a transfer student in the Writing Competition.

Other Information


You may only download the Law Review problem the year that you are eligible for Law Review (the year you receive your first ranking). Downloading the problem during a summer that precedes your eligibility will result in your disqualification from any future write-on competition, even if you do not make a submission.