ELECTIONS Georgia Ethics in Government Act: Amend the Georgia Ethics in Government Act so as to Provide for the Comprehensive Revision of Provisions Regarding Ethics and Conflicts of Interest; Provide for and Change Certain Definitions; Change Certain Provisions Relative to Declaration of Policy; Change Certain Provisions Relating to the Ethics Commission; Provide for the Timely Issuance of Advisory Opinions by the State Ethics Commission and Other Matters Relative to Advisory Opinions; Change Provisions Relating to the State Ethics Commission Including its Administrative Attachment to the Secretary of State's Office; Change Provisions Relating to Mailing Complaints; Provide for Rule Making with Regard to Technical Defects in Financial Disclosure Statements; Change Certain Provisions Regarding Connected Organizations; Create Certain Restrictions on Receipt or Award of State Contracts; Change Certain Provisions Regarding Contributions Made to Candidates and the Location Where Certain Reports Are Filed; Change Provisions Relating to Contributions or Expenditures Other Than Through Candidates or Campaign Committees and Disclosure of Extensions of Credit; Change Certain Provisions Regarding Disclosure Reports; Change Certain Certain Provisions Regarding Electronic Filing of Reports; Change Certain Provisions Relating to Acceptance of Campaign Contributions During Legislative Sessions; Change Certain Provisions Relating to Maximum Allowable Contributions; Change Certain Provisions Relating to Accounting for and Expenditure of Campaign Contributions; Change Certain Provisions Relating to Filing of Financial Disclosure Statements; Change Provisions Relating to Filing by Mail; Change Certain provisions Relating to Lobbyist Registration; Change Provisions Relating to Lobbyist Disclosure Reports and the Contents Thereof and the Definition of Lobbyist; Create Provisions Relating to a Lobbyist Eligibility for Certain Appointments; Provide for Restrictions for Lobbying Activities for Certain Persons; Provide Restrictions for Lobbyists Relating to Contingency Agreements; Provide for Restrictions for Lobbyists Relating to Presence on the Floor of the House of Representatives and Senate; Correct Cross-references; Create the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee; Provide for Powers and Duties of the Committee; Provide for the Initiation of Complaints; Provide for Anti-nepotism Provisions; Provide for Penalties; Provide for Restrictions on the Governor's Appointment Power Under Certain Circumstances; Repeal Conflicting Laws; and for Other Purposes

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The Act amends the Ethics in Government Act. The Act contains a new requirement of a one-year waiting period for former legislators who wish to transition into lobbying positions. It requires lobbyists to provide information about clients who pay them more than $10,000 in a one-year period. The Act imposes fines for ethics violations under a tier system. Additionally, the Act places restrictions on the Governor's judicial appointment power and on family members of public officials who wish to obtain public service positions. Also, the Act prohibits legislators from seeking and accepting contributions during the legislative session. The Act establishes a Joint Legislative Ethics Committee to investigate legislative conflicts of interest. Finally, the Act expands the duties of the State Ethics Commission.

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