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The Act amends the Hazardous Sites Remediation Act Fund and raises the fees for waste disposal from 50 cents per ton to 65 cents per ton in 2003 and again to 75 cents per ton in 2008 until 2013. The Act authorizes the Department of Human Resources to regulate land disposal sites for septic waste. The Act permits federal agencies such as the Department of Defense to pay solid waste and hazardous substance reporting fees. Additionally, the Act includes a .provision returning fifty percent of the solid waste handling fees to local governments to be used for the cleanup of landfill sites. The Act increases the hazardous substance reporting fees. The Act provides for liability for cleanup actions even if the identity of the responsible person is unknown prior to the commencement of an emergency clean-up action. The Act limits the liability of new purchasers of brownfields for the remediation of subsurface water. Finally, the Act establishes a $3000 (three thousand)application fee for individuals seeking to redevelop a site.

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