Career Journey from Student Activist to Community Leader


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Dázon Dixon Diallo, M.P.H, Founder and President of Sister Love, Inc. (Atlanta, GA), discusses her career journey from student activities to community leader on issues of sexual and reproductive justice.


Discussion Questions

  • In her words, several experiences in Ms. Diallo’s college career “changed her life.” What are some of these experiences, and how did they impact her later work? What experiences have you had (e.g., by exposing you to new ideas, providing inspiration, developing skills, or building relationships) that you think might influence your professional life?
  • Ms. Diallo talks about her different identities – at the time, a young, Black, Southern woman. How do these different components of her identify influence her work? How might you bring your own experiences and identities to have an impact in your career?
  • How does Ms. Diallo bring together her lived experiences and education in her work? What does her experience tell you about who can make a difference?

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