This video series is part of the larger project, Engaging Diversity: Pathways to Bioethics for Minority Students, funded by the Greenwall Foundation. We thank the Foundation for its support. We thank the contributors to their series for their willingness to share their expertise and experiences and make them available for others to use.


Submissions from 2022

Health Injustices Caused by Segregation and Housing, Courtney Anderson

Justice in Health, Dayna Bowen Matthew

Career Journey from Student Activist to Community Leader, Dázon Dixon Diallo

SisterLove Inc. -- Importance of Community Engagement, Dázon Dixon Diallo

Career Journey from Physician to Law Student, Abayomi Jones

Ethics of Digital Mental Health Technology, Nicole Martinez-Martin

Assisted Reproduction & Abortion, Seema Mohapatra

Anti-Eugenics Legacy of Bioethics, Osagie Obasogie

Dealing with Racist Patients, Kimani Paul-Emile

Career Journey to Medicine, Social Justice & Bioethics, Monica Peek

Longstanding Underfunding of the Indian Health Service, Donald Warne