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The Act makes numerous amendments to the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act. The Act provides additional powers to the Board of Natural Resources relating to "recovered materials"; changes provisions relating to permits for biomedical waste thermal treatment technology facilities; extends the deadline for new permit applications for vertical expansion of existing facilities; adds a requirement that all landfills have liners; clarifies public notice requirements; tightens requirements for facilities that take out-of-state waste; makes solid waste facilities subject to the provisions relating to the solid waste trust fund; clarifies unlawful activities and penalties with respect to the Act; provides a date by which comprehensive solid waste management plans must be completed; authorizes the Georgia Building Authority to establish a state wide recycling program for state agencies; requires that surcharges on private enterprises be used to offset the impact of solid waste facilities and for other purposes; provides enforcement powers for the collection of taxes, fees, and assessments; provides greater flexibility in the appointment of persons to the boards of directors of solid waste management authorities; and requires that the maximum rate of interest be included in public notices regarding the issuance of revenue bonds.

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