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HB 1519 authorizes the court to order child support payments to continue until the child reaches the age of twenty. The court is only authorized to award support payment in the event that the child reaches the age of majority while in high school (secondary school) and where such child has not previously been married or emancipated. Further, the Act gives the child a right to enforce the support obligation directly against the noncustodial parent. The Act also amends certain criteria for state aid in child support and custody cases by providing courts the discretion not to appoint a guardian ad litem under certain limited circumstances, allowing the Department of Human Resources (DHR) to continue to provide services when public aid ceases and to collect the costs from parents, and by limiting the district attorney to representing only DHR in such cases except where the district attorney's interests do not conflict with those of DHR. HB 1598 authorizes courts to order parents to reimburse DHR for support services. HB 1687 authorizes the child support receiver to assess additional collection costs against the obligated parent.

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