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The Act prohibits local school systems, charter schools, and their employees from teaching or advocating for divisive concepts as defined in the Act. Training programs for teacher certification by the Professional Standards Commission may not advocate for such divisive concepts. The Act also implements a complaint resolution policy for aggrieved parent(s), students, or school employees that allows them to appeal decisions to the State Board of Education, which can ultimately require local school systems to adopt a corrective action plan upon a finding of a violation of the Act. Local school systems that fail to adopt the corrective action plan are subject to suspension of one or more waivers. Finally, the Act requires all high schools receiving Quality Basic Education (QBE) funding for interscholastic sports events to appoint an executive oversight committee. Among the authority and duties of the committee is the power to prohibit transgender females from participating in sports events designated for female students. Violators of this provision are subject to forfeiture of QBE funding.

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