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The Act creates the position of Chief Turnaround Officer (CTO) and authorizes the State Board of Education, in collaboration with the State School Superintendent and the Education Turnaround Advisory Council, to search for and appoint the CTO. The CTO has the authority to recommend individuals to serve as turnaround coaches upon approval by the state board. The Act defines the term “turnaround eligible schools” and identifies factors upon which the CTO may identify such schools. The Act provides procedures by which the CTO and turnaround coaches shall intervene in such schools. The Act creates the Education Turnaround Advisory Council, which shall review reports created by the CTO informing the Council of the progress of each school in which the CTO elected to intervene. The Act also creates the Joint Study Committee on the Establishment of a Leadership Academy. Finally, the Act amends the reasons for which a local school board member may be suspended or removed from his or her position.