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The Act amends Georgia’s controlled-substances statutes to expand medical provider requirements to record prescription drug information in an electronic prescription drug monitoring program database (PDMP). Medical providers are now required to use the PDMP to enter information about their prescription of certain types and quantities of opioids. The purpose of the act is to fight Schedule II opioid abuse throughout the state of Georgia. A medical provider’s failure to report required information is reported to his or her respective state regulatory board for possible reprimand. In addition to mandatory reporting, the Act includes various other provisions related to regulating opioid misuse. The Act removes naloxone’s codification as a dangerous drug when naloxone is used for overdose prevention. Additionally, the Act requires law enforcement officers to notify the coroner or county medical examiner of apparent drug overdoses. Finally, the Act adds a name to a separate Code section regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of automated defibrillators.