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The Act provides comprehensive reform for offenders entering, proceeding through, and leaving the criminal justice system. It expands accountability courts and pretrial intervention and diversion programs. The Act provides for students incarcerated in Department of Corrections facilities or incarcerated or committed to Department of Juvenile Justice facilities to receive educational services through a state charter school. It also revises matters and procedures related to school discipline and the regaining of driving privileges for those convicted of certain crimes. In addition, the Act clarifies the responsibilities of, and provides for reorganization within, the Board of Community Supervision and Department of Community Supervision. Next, the Act revises first offender treatment and record restriction and changes provisions relating to misdemeanor probation services. The Act also revises the State Board of Pardons and Parole’s authority regarding certain drug or alcohol offenders. In addition, the Act revises requirements for professional licensing boards to consider certain factors relating to felonies before denying a license to an applicant or revoking a license. The Act also revises eligibility for food stamps under certain circumstances. Finally, the Act provides rules and regulations for governing the transfer of probation supervision of certain juvenile offenders.

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