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The purpose of this Act is to revise Georgia sex offender laws to promote the isolation of dangerous sexual predators from the public and ensure that they are adequately monitored in a manner that is constitutional. The key focus of the Act is to ensure the law properly directs resources towards protecting society from the sex offenders who pose the greatest threat to others by truly isolating the dangerous sexual predator. The Act narrows some of the previous statutory reporting requirements for sex offenders and aims to lessen some of these requirements by providing for certain exceptions. Additionally, the Act gives superior courts the power to release an individual from the residency requirements if the court finds that the individual does not pose a substantial risk of recidivism, and the offender either resides in a nursing home, is totally or permanently disabled, or is seriously physically incapacitated due to illness or injury. The Act also gives homeless offenders who can provide no residence address specific direction as to how to comply with the statutory requirements. Finally, the Act revises various punishment requirements under the affected sections. Specifically, it amends Code section 42-1-12(n) by eliminating a mandatory punishment of imprisonment for life upon a conviction of a second offense for failing to comply with the registration requirements.

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