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The Act serves two different seemingly independent purposes. First, the Act codifies Georgia's common law regarding the emancipation of minors. The Act creates nine new Code sections, which establish the conditions for minors to become emancipated, provides for court proceedings for emancipation, and address rescission of emancipation. The Act also establishes the rights and responsibilities of an emancipated minor. Second, the Act amends the Code sections relating to who may contract marriage. The Act eliminates an exception to the parental consent requirement for those below the age of majority who want to marry when a pregnancy or live birth is involved. The Act establishes 18 years as the minimum age at which a person in Georgia may contract to marry. The Act also provides that persons 16 or 17 years of age may contract to marry if they obtain parental consent. The Act eliminates the ability of any person under age to contract marriage, no matter the individual circumstances. The Act eliminates any reference to the parental consent exceptions for minors contracting marriage when pregnancy or live birth is involved.

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