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CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Courts and Legal Defense for Indigents: Clarify and Change Provisions Relating to Fees and Collection of Fees for Indigent Defense Services; Provide that Local Victim Assistance Funds Collected by the Courts Shall be Paid Directly to the County Governing Authority of the District Attorney; Provide for Certain Reports; Provide that the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council shall Quarterly Prepare and Publish a Report of all Courts that have not Filed Certain Reports; Change Certain Provisions Relating to the Procedure for Reporting and Remittance of Certain Funds Collected by any Clerk of Court or other Officer or Agent of any court; Change Certain Provisions Relating to the Application Fees fro Free Legal Services and Remittance of Funds; Clarify Remittance of the $50.00 Application Fee to Certain Entities; Change Provisions Relating to an Additional Filing Fee on Civil Actions in the Probate Courts; Change Provisions Relating to the System of Reporting and Accounting Relating to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority; Authorize Certain Inquiries and Audits; Authorize the Recovery of Attorney's Fees and Costs under Certain Circumstances; Provide for Definitions; Provide for Clarity Regarding which Entities may be Entitled to Collect Attorney's Fees and the Mechanism for Such Collection; Correct a Cross-Reference Relating to Circuit Public Defender Office's Contracts with Local Governments; Provide for Provisions Relating to Work Release Programs in Felony Sentences; Provide for Revocation of Work Release Status; Provide for Related Matters; Provide an Effective Date; Repeal Conflicting Laws; and for Other Purposes

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The Bill clarifies and changes provisions related to fees and the collection of fees for indigent defense services. The Bill provides that local victim assistance funds collected by the courts shall be paid directly to the county governing authority or the district attorney. Further, the Bill provides that the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council will quarterly prepare and publish a report of all courts that have not filed certain reports. The Bill changes certain provisions relating to the procedure of reporting and remittance of certain funds collected by any clerk of court or other officer or agent of any court. The Bill changes certain provisions relating to the application of fees for free legal services and remittance of funds and clarifies remittance of funds and clarifies remittance of the $50.00 application fee to certain entities. The Bill changes provisions relating to an additional filing fee on civil actions in the probate courts. The Bill changes provisions relating to the system of reporting and accounting to the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Cooperative Authority. The Bill authorizes certain inquiries and audits and recovery of attorney's fees and costs under certain circumstances. The Bill provides for definitions to provide clarity regarding which entities may be entitled to collect attorney's fees and the mechanism for such collection. The Bill corrects a cross-reference relating to circuit public defender office contracts with local governments. It provides provisions related to work release programs in felony sentences and provides for revocation of work release status.

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