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The Act requires any person or company operating a pyrotechnic display before a proximate audience to obtain from the Safety Fire Commissioner a license, which may only be obtained upon proof that the applicant has liability insurance of at least $1,000,000. Applicants desiring to operate a pyrotechnic display before a proximate audience must also follow the same permitting procedures required of individuals operating a fireworks display. Furthermore, the permit may be granted only if the local fire official has approved the site. The probate judge must send the Safety Fire Commissioner a copy of each permit issued to ensure that the applicant conforms with safety provisions. Moreover, the Act permits the State Fire Commissioner to issue regulations relating to the manufacture, storage, and transportation of fireworks, as well as safety regulations relating to the public exhibition or display of pyrotechnics and the licensing requirement of those conducting these public exhibitions or displays. The Act makes noncompliance a felony.

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