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The Act provides for certain technical corrections and modifications to Georgia's income tax and sales and use tax laws. The Act also contains provisions relating to the proper administration of revenue and taxation. The Act revises and clarifies the level of tax liability for limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies. Under the Act, the tax commissioner can enter into allocation and apportionment agreements with taxpayers other than corporations. The Act also revises tax credit provisions relating to businesses located in certain counties and areas designated as less developed areas, relating to taxpayer headquarters relocations, and relating to calendar years. The Act clarifies several exemptions including: the phased-in exemption of certain repair or replacement parts; the exemption for tangible personal property acquired under 100 percent common ownership; the exemption for certain sales or leases of computer equipment to certain high-technology companies; and the exemption with respect to the sale of certain machinery, equipment, and materials incorporated into and used in the construction and operation of certain clean rooms. Finally, the Act extends the date for distribution of certain identifiable sales and use tax proceeds.

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