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The Act allows natural gas customers to change marketers at least once a year without paying a service charge. The Act limits deposit amounts a marketer may require from customers and provides for deposit refunds once certain conditions are met. The Act places the Public Service Commission (PSC) in charge of publishing marketer information, including pricing comparisons, so as to aid the public in making informed decisions on their natural gas use. The Act requires that marketers put certain information on all bills in compliance with rules and regulations adopted by the PSC. The Act authorizes the PSC to impose temporary directives when certain market conditions exist. The Act imposes penalties upon gas marketers who willfully violate deregulation laws. The Act mandates that marketers contact customers about billing disputes. Further, the Act prohibits marketers from reporting customers to credit agencies until marketers contact the customer or obtain a judgment against the customer. The Act calls for marketers to automatically and immediately refund or credit customer overpayments. The Act provides for additional uses of the universal services fund and places a temporary priority on payments from the fund to assist low-income customers.

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