ELECTIONS Elections and Primaries Generally: Eliminate Nonpartisan Primaries Except for Municipal Officers; Provide that Nonpartisan Elections for Certain County and State Offices Be Held in Conjunction with the General Primary; Provide for Qualifying Time for Certain Nonpartisan Elections; Provide for the Form of Nonpartisan Election Ballots; Specify the Circumstances under Which Election Superintendents May Open Absentee Ballots; Change the Method of Removing Deceased Voters from the Electors List; Authorize the Secretary of State to Obtain the Names of Georgians Who Die in Other States; Provide for the Transmission of Names of Persons Who Have Been Convicted of Felonies to Registrars for Removal from Electors List; Authorize the Constitutional Amendments Publication Board to Determine Short Titles or Headings for Proposed Constitutional Amendments; Authorize the Constitutional Amendments Publication Board to Determine Short Titles or Headings for Proposed Constitutional Amendments; Authorize the Secretary of State to Put Such Short Titles on Ballots; Require the Secretary of State to Print the Proposed Constitutional Amendments in the Order Specified by the Constitutional Amendments Publication Board; Provide for Uniform Election Equipment Throughout the State; Provide for the Education of Voters, Election Officials, and Post Officers in the Operation of Election Equipment; Authorize the Secretary of State to Conduct a Pilot Project to Test Electronic Recording Voting Systems During the 2001 Municipal Elections; Create the Twenty-First Century Voting Commission; Provide for the Composition, Duties, and Compensation of Such Commission; Provide Times for Certification of Election Results

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The Act eliminates the nonpartisan primary for state and county officials and provides that candidates will be elected in a nonpartisan election held in conjunction with the general primary. The Act allows for the outer envelope of absentee ballots to be opened before the polls close on election day, and provides for opening of inner envelopes in special circumstances. The Act requires the counties to transmit a list of people who have died, been declared mentally incompetent, or have been convicted of felonies to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will remove the names of deceased persons from the list of electors, and send the lists of mentally incompetent people and felons to the appropriate counties for removal from the elector lists. This Act also allows the Constitutional Amendments Publication Board to create a fifteen-word title for any proposed constitutional amendments, and put the caption on the ballot along with the full text of the amendment. The Act also creates a Twenty-First Century Voting Commission, which will study different election methods and machines, and will determine which method and machine should be implemented throughout Georgia. The Secretary of State is authorized to conduct pilot projects of new voting machines in the 2001 municipal elections. By the July 2004 primary election, each county will be provided with the new election machines, at state expense.

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