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The Act orders the superintendent to automatically disqualify a municipal or county candidate whose check for the qualifying fee is dishonored. The Act also authorizes the Secretary of State to investigate election fraud. The Act allows an election to be postponed when the Governor has declared a state of emergency. The Act gives a write-in candidate in a municipal election more time to give notice of his candidacy. The Act eliminates the requirement that municipal registrars must be residents of the county in which they are registrars. The Act requires registrars to forward a voter's change of address to the voter's new county when the voter completes a voter registration application at the polling place. The Act mandates that ballots indicate candidates alphabetically. The act provides that when there are candidates with same or similar names, their addresses are printed on the ballots. The Act outlines that absentee voters must show the same identification as other voters. The Act removes a hunting and fishing license from the list of voter identification. The Act changes the polling requirements for a special election when only one candidate is qualified. The Act makes voting equipment tampering a felony. The Act also changes provisions relating to recall elections.

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