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The Act provides for a clearer standard for determining when the services of an architect are required by law. Specifically, the Act provides that the seal of an architect is not required for single story buildings less than 5000 square feet in area. The Act also exempts single story pre-engineered buildings from requiring an architect's seal, provide that they are not assembly occupancies, education occupancies, health care occupancies, correctional or detention facilities, hotels, dormitories or lodging facilities, multifamily housing or apartment complexes, care facilities, or facilities that are classified as high hazard. Further, when the drawings and specifications for nonload-bearing interior construction in office structures designed by a registered architect, are prepared by a Georgia registered interior designer, they will be in compliance with the Act. The Act delineates those individuals who are not required to register as architects in Georgia, a well as those documents requiring architects' seals. Finally, the Act allows for general contractors to offer design-build contracts, and provides that the administration services associated with construction contracts are not exclusive to architects.

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