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The Act changes the Georgia Code section on unfair practices in the insurance industry by adding a prohibition on discrimination against victims of family violence. Specifically, it makes it unlawful in Georgia for an insurer to refuse applications from individuals, to refuse to insure them, to cancel or restrict existing coverage, to change a different rate or add a differential to premiums, or to limit or deny coverage or claims because the insurer believes an individual has or may be a victim of family violence. The Act further bans taking such adverse insurance actions against an individual or entity because it provides shelter, counseling, or protection to victims of family violence. Confidential information on family violence must not be collection or disclosed except under limited circumstances in which adverse decisions are not likely to be made against victims as a result. Finally, the Act gives domestic abuse victims the ability to continue their health insurance coverage when the policy was issued in the name of the abuser and would otherwise be canceled.

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