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The Act, known as the Flint River Drought Protection Act, adds several sections to the Code to identify the importance of Georgia's water resources, define certain terms, and authorize the Board of Natural Resources and the Director of the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Department of Natural Resources to create and enforce a drought protection program and administer funds. The Board is also required to implement such measures as are necessary to prevent future droughts in the Flint River basin, including the use of irrigation auctions as a water conservation technique. The Act provides compensation for nonirrigated acres either under a voluntary irrigation reduction plan or under an involuntary reduction order issued by the Director of the EPD. The Act gives the EPD authority to conduct reasonable necessary investigations and inspections of irrigated land. The Act provides enforcement measures and penalties. It encourages the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority to work with the Director of the EPD to assist in the implementation and funding management of the drought protection program. Finally, the Act changes certain irrigation well water standards and permitting requirements.

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