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The Act requires local school boards to create student codes of conduct, which define standards of behavior and contain a progressive discipline process. The State Board of Education will create model codes which schools may choose to follow. However, the local boards should provide opportunities for parental involvement when they develop their own codes. Teachers will have the authority to remove disruptive students from the classroom. Local school boards must establish reporting procedures that require teachers to submit a report describing why the teacher removed the student. The principal must send copies of the report and an account of any action taken to the parents or guardians of the student. In addition, the Act creates procedures for a placement review committee to determine where the disruptive student should be placed, and it gives principals a wide range of acceptable methods of punishment. Schools must file discipline reports with the Department of Education so that trends in discipline may be determined. Further, the State Board of Education shall provide grants to local school systems that create alternative education programs for grades six through twelve.

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