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The Act provides a means for local schools to substitute an academic and/or vocational performance-based contract, called a charter, for state and local rules, regulations, policies, and procedures governing public schools. The Act allows private individuals, private organizations, or state or local public entities to establish a local school subject to a contractual charter between the state school board, the local board of education, and the charter petitioner. The terms of the charter must be approved by both the local and state boards of education. The charter status exempts the local school from certain state and local rules, regulations, policies, and procedures applicable to the public school system. The Act specifies the requirements of a charter petition, the qualifications of a charter petitioner, and the obligations of a charter school. In addition, the Act creates an Office of Charter School Compliance within the Department of Education to prepare charter school guidelines, process charter school petitions, and administer charter school implementation in Georgia. Finally, the Act confirms that charter schools initiated under the previous Charter School Act of 1993 will remain valid until their charters expire according to their terms.

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