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The Act expands the definition of pandering by making the offense applicable to persons who solicit prostitution individually as well as persons who solicit prostitution for a third person. The Act also increases fines for a person found guilty of pandering when the offense involves the solicitation of a person under the age of seventeen. Further, the Act provides that the clerk of the county in which a person is deemed guilty of pandering shall publish a notice of conviction, along with a photograph of the convicted, in the county's legal publication. If an individual solicits a prostitute within 1000 feet of specified areas, including centers where children under the age of seventeen are normally present or public places of worship, an additional fine is assessed. In addition to increased fines and notice publication, the Act adds a new Code section, which provides that the guilty defendant is required to submit to medical testing for eight sexually transmitted diseases. Further, if married, the defendant must consent to having the test results sent to his or her spouse. The Act provides that sexually transmitted disease testing is required as a condition of parole.

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