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The Act brings state law into compliance with federal guidelines and qualifies the state for funding under the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997. It establishes that the safety and welfare of a child is the paramount consideration in a court's decision to remove a child from an allegedly abusive or neglectful parent. The Act identifies certain aggravated circumstances under which a court may remove a child from the home without the need for a finding of reasonable efforts by the Georgia Department of Human Resources to reunify the family. It encourages courts and government agencies to assure the expeditious placement of the child in a permanent home through adoption or other means, and allows for the termination of parental rights when in the best interest of the child. Further, the Act promotes aggressive efforts to place the child in an adoptive home and establishes certain procedural safeguards for children placed in out-of-state homes. Finally, the Act allows foster parents, preadoptive parents, or relatives providing care for the child to participate in any hearing or review involving the child.

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