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The Act repeals the Aid to Dependent Children Act and enacts Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Act (TANF). The Act provides for electronic transfer of payments, changes hearing provisions, and changes fraud and subpoena issuance provisions. It defines TANF terms, provides for TANF's purpose, for administration, and for assistance limits. The Act authorizes and requires the promulgation of rules and regulations, and provides guidelines for rules and regulations. It provides for the duties of the Board and Department of Human Resources. It provides ineligibility criteria, and provides for conduct authorizing reduction and termination. It provides for appeals, hearings, and a conciliation process. It provides for a family cap, an assistance limitation for persons moving into Georgia and limited assistance to qualified aliens. It provides for statutory construction. It provides for domestic violence screening, referrals, and waivers for TANF recipients. It provides for a LEARNFARE pilot program. It provides for reports. IT provides for conforming amendments to the Georgia Code. The Act amends article 2 of chapter 7 of title 48 of the Georgia Code on Tax Credit. It provides for severability, and establishes a social assistance register.

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