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The Act adds "stroke" to the definition of injury for the purposes of workers' compensation, and allows compensation for stroke and similar medical conditions, only if medical evidence is part of the proof that the condition is work related. In the event of injury, the Act requires the use of the fourth edition of the GUIDES TO THE EVALUATION OF PERMANENT IMPAIRMENT to determine proper compensation for permanent partial disability. The Act allows limited liability companies to exempt a maximum of five members. The Act requires employers who voluntarily provide rehabilitation services to utilize suppliers certified or approved by the Board. The Act increases weekly benefits for temporary total disability. The Act removes the jurisdiction of the Board to appoint guardians for minors and mentally incompetent workers' compensation claimants. The Act relieves the Board of the statutory duty to report hazardous occupations and occupational diseases. In cases in which the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund refuses or fails to accept a valid claim without reasonable grounds, the Act allows the assessment of the claimant's attorney fees against the Fund.

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