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The Act creates new provisions relating to bombs, explosives, and chemical and biological weapons and provides a comprehensive list of explosive materials. The Act provides for the offenses of manufacturing, transporting, distributing, and possessing with the intent to distribute an explosive device. The Act provides that a violation of certain provisions by minors is a designated felony in juvenile court. The Act provides that it shall be unlawful for a person convicted or under indictment for a felony to engage in certain activities related to destructive devices, detonators, and hoax devices. The Act provides that it shall be unlawful to provide these devices to anyone under age twenty-one. The Act provides that it shall be unlawful to manufacture, possess, transport, distribute, or use a hoax device or a replica with the intent to make another believe that the hoax device or replica is a destructive device or detonator. Finally, the Act provides for the training and certification of bomb technicians, explosive ordnance technicians, and animal handlers.

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