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The Act mandates that the holders of certain waste water discharge permits who fail to meet existing phosphorous reduction standards shall adopt a schedule of construction milestones to reach amended standards established by the Act. The Act further imposes mandatory monetary penalties for failure to meet those milestones. The Act also restricts new sewer connections within the corporate limits of any entity failing to meet phosphorous reduction standards. The Act establishes standards for new water pollution control discharge permits allowing the waste discharge of water drawn from one river basin into another river basin. The Act sets phosphorous limitations for new discharge permits. The Act authorizes the reduction of permit capacity for any treatment plants not in compliance with permit requirements for phosphorous discharge. The Act increases monetary penalties for the owners of combined sewer overflow systems who failed to implement a plan to eliminate sewage overflow by December 31, 1995. The Act prohibits additional sewer connections to combined sewer overflow systems until construction on such plan is completed.

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