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The Sentence Reform Act of 1994 provides for a minimum sentence of ten years for persons convicted for the first time of serious violent felonies with the sentence to be served in its entirety. Furthermore, the Act provides that when the court orders sentences for first-time conviction of serious violent felonies, even when the sentences are beyond the minimum sentence required, the sentence will be served in its entirety and shall not be reduced by parole or any other sentence-reducing measures. The Act also amends certain Code sections dealing with Crimes and Offenses to provide for a ten year minimum sentence requirement for six serious violent felonies. The Act amends the procedures for sentencing and the imposition of punishment to incorporate the new minimum sentence requirements and the new restrictions on suspension or probation of sentences for persons convicted of serious violent felonies. Furthermore, the Act provides that prison sentences for the conviction of a serious violent felony shall not be reviewable by a three-judge panel like other sentences, and persons convicted for the second time of a serious violent felony shall face the sentence of life imprisonment without parole. The Act further amends certain Code sections dealing with the granting of pardons and paroles to comply with the new restrictions on the suspension of certain sentences. Finally, the Act changes provisions relating to the general rule-making power of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to incorporate the new changes in the sentencing procedures.

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