Data Sharing to Combat Segregation

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Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics


Lindsay F. Wiley, Ruqaiijah Yearby, Brietta R. Clark, and Seema Mohapatra

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Winter 2022


Data sharing between housing and education agencies will provide housing agencies with resources to assist them with efforts to decrease segregation and mitigate the adverse health outcomes experienced by people of color. The Fair Housing Act has the potential to fulfill its original integrationist purpose if housing and education agencies combine resources and data to create and implement fair housing plans. The Biden Administration's restored rule to affirmatively further fair housing pursuant to the Fair Housing Act of 1968 which seeks to reduce segregation and increase housing equity. However, it omits most of the processes set forth by the Obama Administration whereby federal agencies provide the proper tools to housing agencies so that they are able to make data-based decisions about housing policies. This article advocates for the sharing of data between housing and education agencies to optimize the positive impact of fair housing not only within housing, but also on the education, employment, and health opportunities for communities of color.


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Courtney L. Anderson, Data Sharing to Combat Segregation, 50 J.L. Med. & Ethics 769 (2022).



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